Party Information for Regulatory Cases

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19th St Neighbors 19th Street Neighbors
1Energy Systems 1Energy Systems, Inc.
2 McClea Ct End LLC 2 McClea Ct. End, LLC
280 Citizens 280 Corridor Concerned Citizens
2HT Robert Simpson/Helping Hand Tools (2HT)
3 Phases Energy 3 Phases Energy Services, LLC
3 Phases Renewables 3 Phases Renewables, LLC
350 Bay Area 350 Bay Area
3Degrees 3Degrees Group, Inc.
3Phases Renewables 3Phases Renewables
555 YVR 555 YVR, LLC
7-Eleven 7-Eleven, Inc.
8minutenergy 8minutenergy Renewables, LLC (8minutenergy)
A Webb A. Webb
A123 Systems A123 Systems, Inc.
A4NR Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility (A4NR)
AABPD American Association of Business Persons with Disabilities (AABPD)
AARP American Association of Retired People (AARP)
AAV African American Voice (AAV)
ABAG Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG)
ABAG POWER ABAG Publicly Owned Energy Resources (ABAG POWER)
ABBA ABB Automation, Inc. (ABBA)
Abengoa Solar Abengoa Solar, Inc.
ACC Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC)
ACC Environmental ACC Environmental
ACCA Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA)
Accent Energy Accent Energy Group, LLC
ACCES Assoc. of California Community and Energy Services (ACCES)
ACE ACE Cogeneration Company
ACECA Assembly Committee on Energy Costs and Availability (ACECA)
ACEEE American Council for An Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE)
ACES Alliance for Cooperative Energy Solutions (ACES)
ACHP Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP)
ACRCASM Alameda County Residents (ACRCASM)
Acton Town Council Acton Town Council
ACWA Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA)
Adams William P Adams
ADM ADM Associates, Inc. (ADM)
ADM Mobile ADM Mobile
Adobe Systems Adobe Systems, Inc.
Adroit Solar Adroit Solar
Advanced Energy Systems Advanced Energy Systems, Inc.
Advantage IQ Advantage IQ, Inc.
AEC AEC Marketing (AEC)
AECA Agricultural Energy Consumers Association (AECA)
AECI Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc. (AECI)
AEE Advanced Energy Economy (AEE)
AEEES Association for Efficient Environmental Energy Systems (AEEES)
AEG Aspen Environmental Group (AEG)
AEI American Energy Institute (AEI)
AEM Atmos Energy Marketing LLC (AEM)
AEP American Electric Power Service Corporation (AEP)
AER Alternative Energy Resources, Inc. (AER)
Aera Energy Aera Energy
Aerojet Aerojet-General Corporation
AeroVironment AeroVironment, Inc.
AES Energy Storage AES Energy Storage, LLC (AES)
AES Huntington Beach AES Huntington Beach, LLC
AES Southland AES Southland, LLC
AESC Alternative Energy Systems Consulting, Inc. (AESC)
AEUB Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (AEUB)
AfterImage After Image
Ag Council Agricultural Council of California (Ag Council)
Ag Methane Advisors Ag Methane Advisors, LLC
AGA American Gas Association (AGA)
AGCC American Gas Cooling Center (AGCC)
AGENA Avondale Glen Elder Neighborhood Assn (AGENA)
Aglet Aglet Consumer Alliance
AgPower AgPower Group, LLC (AgPower)
AHEH Alliance for Human and Environmental Health (AHEH)
Ahnee Min Ahnee Min
AICC American Indian Chamber of Commerce of California (AICC)
AINW Archaeological Investigations Northwest, Inc (AINW)
Air Liquide Air Liquide America Corporation
Air Products Air Products and Chemical, Inc.
AIS After Image Space (AIS)
AlabamaElectric Alabama Electric Cooperative
Aladdin Aladdin Capital, LLC
Alameda Cnty County of Alameda
Alameda Cnty BCTC Building and Construction Trades Council of Alameda County
Albany Engineering Albany Engineering Corporation
Alberta DOE Alberta Department of Energy (Alberta DOE)
Albertsons Albertsons, Inc.
Alcoa Alcoa Power Generating, Inc.
Alejandro Hernandez Alejandro Hernandez
Alice Iveson-Gladwill Alice Iveson-Gladwill
Alice Rothlind Alice Rothlind
Alice Sweson-Gladville Alice Sweson-Gladville
Allan Littman Allan Littman
Allco Allco Renewable Energy Limited
Allegheny Energy Allegheny Energy
Allegheny Power Allegheny Power
Allen Atwood Allen Atwood
Allen Moss Allen Moss
Alliance Alliance for Water Efficiency
Alliance Power Alliance Power, Inc.
Alliance Save Energy Alliance to Save Energy
AlliedSignal Allied Signal
Allison Clough Allison Clough
AlmondHullers Almond Hullers, et al.
Aloha Systems Aloha Systems, Inc.
Alok Jay Bhalla Alok Jay Bhalla
Alpaugh Alpaugh Irrigation District (Alpaugh)
Alphabet Energy Alphabet Energy Inc.
Alpine Nat Gas Alpine Natural Gas
Alpine Union SD Alpine Union School District
Alta Windpower Alta Windpower Development, LLC
Altergy Systems Altergy Systems
Alternative Power Alternative Power Capital (APC)
Alton Energy Alton Energy, Inc (Alton Energy)
Amador Cnty County of Amador
Amador Water Agy Amador Water Agency
AMBAG Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments (AMBAG)
Ambient Ambient Corporation
AMCOR AMCOR Sunclipse North America
Amer Red Cross American Red Cross
Ameren Ameren Operating Companies
Ameresco Ameresco, Inc.
American Gas Management Inc American Gas Management, Inc
American Insulation American Insulation Inc.
American Lighting American Lighting
Amici State Amici
Amonix Amonix, Inc.
Anadarko Anadarko Energy Services Company
Anaheim City City of Anaheim
ANBC The Alliance of North Bay Chambers
Ancillary Services Ancillary Services Coalition
Andrew Sinclair Andrew Sinclair
Andrew Wolfe Andrew Wolfe
Anew Telecom Anew Telecommunications
Angela Flynn Angela Flynn
Antioch City City of Antioch
Anza Electric Anza Electric Cooperative
AP Path15 Atlantic Path 15, LLC
Apache Nitrogen Apache Nitrogen Products, Inc.
APC Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. (APC)
APCD Placer Co. Air Pollution Control District (APCD)
APEN Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN)
APGA American Public Gas Association (APGA)
APM Applied Materials, Inc. (APM)
Apogee Apogee Interactive, Inc.
ApolloPower ApolloPower, Inc.
Apparent Apparent Inc.
Applied Solutions Applied Solutions
APS Arizona Public Service Company (APS)
APX Automated Power Exchange (APX)
Aquila Aquila Inc.
ARCA Appliance Recycling Centers of America (ARCA)
Arcata City City of Arcata
Architectural Energy Architectural Energy Corp.
ArdenRealty Arden Realty
AReM Alliance for Retail Energy Markets (AReM)
Areva NP Areva NP, Inc.
Arizona Electric Power Arizona Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.
ARM Alliance for Retail Markets (ARM)
Armstrong Armstrong Petroleum Corporation
ARNCEP Assoc. of Rural No. CA Energy Providers (ARNCEP)
Arrowhead Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water Company
Arthad Arthad
Arthur Andersen Arthur Andersen and Co.
ASC American Synergy Corporation (ASC)
ASCA ASCA Consulting
ASI Absolutely Solar Inc. (ASI)
Aspect Labs Aspect Labs
Aspen Systems Corp Aspen Systems Corporation
ASPv Americans for Solar Power (ASPv)
Assembly Appropriations Assembly Appropriations
Assemblyman Levine Assemblyman Lloyd E. Levine
Assn Irritated Residents Association of Irritated Residents
ASTRUM ASTRUM Utility Services
ASW ASW Engineering Management Consultants, Inc.
ATC American Transmission Company (ATC)
ATCO ATCO Pipelines
Atmos Atmos Energy Corporation
ATT ATT Communications of California, Inc.
ATT Mobility ATT Mobility
Attorneys Attorneys
Audubon California Audubon California
Augusto Badillo Augusto Badillo
AUN American Utility Network (AUN)
Austin Energy City City of Austin Energy
Authority New York Power Authority
Auto Alliance Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (Auto Alliance)
AVBT Antelope Valley Board of Trade (AVBT)
Avista Avista Corporation
Avista Energy Inc Avista Energy, Inc.
AVRW Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company (AVRW)
AWEA American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)
AWISH A World Institute for a Sustainable Humanity (AWISH)
Axio Power Axio Power, Inc.
Azusa City City of Azusa
B. Sachau B. Sachau
BA-Area Science And Innovation Bay Area Science and Innovation Consortium
BAB2E Bay Area Biosolids to Energy Coalition (BAB2E)
BAC Bioenergy Association of California (BAC)
BAD Backcountry Against Dumps (BAD)
Badger Creek Badger Creek Limited
BAICR Burmese American Institute for Corporate Responsibility (BAICR)
Bakersfield City City of Bakersfield
Bakersfield Police Assoc Bakersfield Police Association
Balance Energy Balance Energy
BAMx Bay Area Municipal Transmission Group (BAMx)
BangorHydroElectricCo Bangor Hydro-Electric Co
Bank Of America Bank Of America
Banning City City of Banning
BAPRC Bay Area Poverty Resource Council (BAPRC)
Barbara Barkovich Barbara R. Barkovich, Ph.D.
Barbara Hibino Barbara Hibino
Barclays Barclays Capital
Barrington-Wellesley Grp Barrington-Wellesley Group, Inc.
BART Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)
Bart Wallace Bart Wallace
Bay Area Biosolids Bay Area Biosolids
Bay Area LISC Bay Area Local Initiatives Support Corporation
Bay Area Poverty RC Poverty Resource Council
BayREN Bay Area Regional Energy Network (BayREN)
BBI Better Buildings Interactive (BBI)
BCA Northern California Basic Crafts Alliance (BCA)
BCLBE Berkeley Center for Law, Business and the Economy (BCLBE)
BCO Business and Community Outreach (BCO/CPUC)
BCTC Building Construction Trades Council (BCTC)
Beacon Power Beacon Power Corporation
BEAR Business Economic Analysis and Research (BEAR)
Bear Valley CSD Bear Valley Community Services District
BEC Black Economic Council (BEC)
BEMC Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation (BEMC)
Ben Garrett Ben Garrett
Bena Bena Power Producers LLC (Bena)
Benicia City City of Benicia
Benjamin White Benjamin White
BEPC Basin Electric Power Cooperative (BEPC)
Berkeley City City of Berkeley
Berkeley UUTF Berkeley Utility Undergrounding Task Force
Berry Petroleum Co. Berry Petroleum Co.
BES BioEnergy Solutions, LLC (BES)
Better Buildings Better Buildings Inc.
Better Place Better Place
Bettina Butts Bettina Butts
Beutler Beutler Corporation
Bevilacqua Knight Bevilacqua Knight
BGE Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BGE)
BHP Billiton Intl BHP Billiton International
BHP Community Legal Bayview/Hunters Point Community Legal
Bidgely Bidgely, Inc.
BigRiversElecCorp Big Rivers Electric Corporation
Bill Johnson Bill Johnson
Billo Comola Billo M Comola
Biodiversity Biodiversity Conservation Alliance
BioFuels BioFuels Energy, LLC
BKi Bevilacqua-Knight (BKi)
Black Hills Power Black Hills Power
Bloom Bloom Energy Corporation
Blue Consulting Summit Blue Consulting, LLC
Blue Owl Tech Blue Owl Technologies
BluePoint Energy BluePoint Energy
BlueRidge Electric BlueRidge Electric Membership Corporation
Bluescape Bluescape Environmental
BlueStar BlueStar Energy Services, Inc.
Blythe Energy Blythe Energy, LLC
BNPP ET BNP Paribas Energy Trading GP
BNSF Railway Company BNSF Railway Company
Bobby Lewis Bobby Lewis
BoDean BoDean Company (BoDean)
BOE California Board of Equalization (BOE)
BoEnterprises Bo Enterprises
Boilermakers Union Boilermakers Union Local 549
BOMA Building Owners & Managers Association (BOMA)
BOMA CA Building Owners and Managers Association of CA (BOMA CA)
BOMA LA Building Owners and Managers Association of Greater LA (BOMA LA)
BOMA Orange Building Owners and Managers Assoc. of Orange County (BOMA Orange)
BOMA SF Building Owners and Managers Association of SF (BOMA SF)
Bonneville Bonneville Power Administration
Bonneville Environ Fndtn Bonneville Environmental Foundation
Bonsall School District Bonsall School District
BOOTS Building Official Outreach Training and Support (BOOTS)
Border Gen Border Generation Group
Borrego Solar Borrego Solar Systems, Inc.
Boston Properties Boston Properties Limited Partnership
Bottom Line Utility Bottom Line Utility
BP America BP America
BP Canada British Petroleum Canada (BP Canada)
BP Canada - IGI BP Canada - IGI Resources, Inc (joined only - DRs)
BP Energy Co BP Energy Company
BP Solar Energy BP Solar Energy North America, LLC
BP Wind Energy BP Wind Energy North America, Inc.
BPI Building Performance Institute, Inc. (BPI)
BPS Ballard Power Systems, Inc. (BPS)
Brad Schultz Brad Schultz
Bradwood Landing Bradwood Landing, LLC
Brazos Electric Brazos Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.
Breitburn Breitburn
Brendan Hughes Brendan Hughes
Bridge Housing Bridge Housing, Inc.
Brigham City City of Brigham, Utah
Brightline Brightline Defense Project
Brightsource Brightsource Energy, Inc.
Broadband Instit CA Broadband Institute of California
Brookfield Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners LP (was Brookfield Renewable Power Inc)
Bryan Mekechuk Bryan Mekechuk
BSE Brobeck Solar Energy, LLC (BSE)
BTG Bilateral Trade Group (BTG)
Buck Sampson Buck Sampson
Bucks Lake Bucks Lake Homeowners Association (et. al.)
Buena Vista Buena Vista Energy LLC
Build Industry Build Industry
Build It Green Build It Green
Building Sys Mgmt Building Systems Management
BullsEye Telecom BullsEye Telecom
Burbank ACTION Burbank ACTION
Burbank City City of Burbank
Bureau-LandMgmt U.S. Bureau of Land Management
BurGlen Burbank and Glendale
Burlingame City City of Burlingame
BVES Bear Valley Electric Service (BVES)
CA AgQuest California AgQuest
CA American Water California American Water
CA Assembly Utilities-Commerce CA Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee
CA BCC CA Black Chamber of Commerce (CA BCC)
CA Business Prop Assoc CA Business Properties Association
CA Business Rndtbl CA Business Roundtable
CA CastMetals CA Cast Metals
CA Chamb Comm CA Chamber of Commerce
CA Climate Coalition California Climate Coalition
CA Coalition Fuel Cell CA Coalition of Fuel Cell Manufacturers
CA Comm Collaborative California Commissioning Collaborative
CA Comm College League Community College League of CA
CA Conservation Corps California Conservation Corps
CA CTV California Cable Television Association (CA CTV)
CA Demand Reserves Partnership CA Demand Reserves Partnership
CA Dept Finance CA Dept. Finance
CA Dept of Education CA Dept. of Education
CA Dept of Fish and Game CA Department of Fish and Game
CA Dept of Food Agriculture CA Department of Food and Agriculture
CA Dept of Justice CA Department of Justice
CA Dept of Trans CA Department of Transportation
CA DeptToxicSubs CA Dept of Toxic Substances
CA EPA Resources Board CA Environmental Protection Agency Resources Board
CA Farm Energy CA Farm Energy Industries
CA FTB California Franchise Tax Board (CA FTB)
CA Health Association California Healthcare Association
CA HospitalAssoc California Hospital Association
CA Legislature California State Legislature
CA OES California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (CA OES)
CA PMCA CA Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors Association (CA PMCA)
CA Power Auth California Consumer Power and Conservation Financing Authority
CA PX Creditors Official Committee of Participant Creditors of CA Power Exch
CA Resources Agency CA Resources Agency
CA Rice Millers California Rice Millers
CA SBEF CA Small Business Education Foundation (CA SBEF)
CA Small Bus Roundtable CA Small Business Roundtable
CA Solar Engineering California Solar Engineering, Inc.
CA Solar Thermal California Solar Thermal, Inc.
CA Sportfishing California Sportfishing Protection Alliance
CA SPTC CA State Pipe Trades Council (CA SPTC)
CA State Auditor California State Auditor
CA State Parks California Department of Parks and Recreation
CA State Senate California State Senate
CA State Universities California State Universities
CA Supreme Court California Supreme Court
CA Taxpayers Assoc CA Taxpayers Association
CA Water California Water Service Company (CA Water)
CA Water League California Water League
CA-ClimateActionRegistry California Climate Action Registry
CA-IRES CA Integrated Renewable Energy Solutions (CA-IRES)
CA-LivingEnergy California Living and Energy
CA-RebateContractors California Rebate Contractors Coalition
CA-Steel CA-Steel
CA-Utilities CA-Utilities
CAA Cogeneration Association of America (CAA)
CAA-SanMateoCnty Community Action Agency of San Mateo County (CAASM)
Cabin Owners Cabin Owners
Cabrillo Cabrillo
CAC Cogeneration Association of California (CAC)
CAC-EPUC Cogen Assoc CA/Energy Prod and Users Coalition (CAC/EPUC)
CACES California Alliance for Choice in Energy Solutions (CACES)
CADMAC California DSM Measurement Advisory Committee (CADMAC)
Cadmus The Cadmus Group, Inc.
CAEATFA CA Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority (CAEATFA)
CAFF Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF)
CAHF California Association of Health Facilities (CAHF)
CAIE Chinese American Institute for Empowerment (CAIE)
CAISO California Independent System Operator (CAISO)
Caithness Caithness Energy, LLC
Cal AA California Apartment Association (Cal AA)
CAL FIRE California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE)
Cal Tech California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech)
Cal Water California Water Service Company (Cal Water)
CAL-ACCA Air Conditioning Contractors of America-CA State Chapter (CAL-ACCA)
Cal-AM California-American Water Company (Cal-AM)
Cal-CLERA Cal. Clean Energy Resources Authority (Cal-CLERA)
Cal-Pacific Cal-Pacific
CAL-SLA California City-County Street Light Association (CAL-SLA)
Cal-Ucons Cal-Ucons, Inc.
Calaveras Calaveras
CalBio California Bioenergy (CalBio)
CalCAN California Climate-Agriculture Network (CalCAN)
CalEnergy CalEnergy Operating Corporation/CalEnergy Generation
CALEP California Association of Lighting Efficiency Professionals (CALEP)
CalETC California Electric Transportation Coalition
Caliber1 Caliber One Indemnity Company
California Attorney General California Attorney General
California Parties California Parties in FERC Case
CaliforniaGeo California Geothermal Heat Pump Association (CaliforniaGeo)
Call America Call America
Callaway Callaway Golf Company
CalleguasWD Calleguas Municipal Water District
CALMAC California Measurement Advisory Committee (CALMAC)
CALMAC-Manufacturing CALMAC Manufacturing Corporation
CalPeak CalPeak Power, LLC
CalPeak Parties CalPeak Parties
CalPECo California Pacific Electric Company (CalPECo)
Calpilots California Pilots Association
Calpine Calpine Corporation
Calpine PowerAmerica Calpine PowerAmerica-CA, LLC
Calpirg Calpirg
CalPX California Power Exchange (CalPX)
CalSEIA California Solar Energy Industries Association (CALSEIA)
Calstart Calstart, Inc.
CalStrat California Strategies, LLC
CALTEL California Assoc of Competitive Telecomm. Companies (CALTEL)
CalTrain CalTrain
CalWA California Wireless Association (CalWA)
CalWEA California Wind Energy Association (CalWEA)
Camco Camco International Group, Inc. (Camco)
CAMS CAMS Juniper (California), LLC (CAMS)
CAN Competitive Access Now Group (CAN)
CannonTech Cannon Tech
CAPCC California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce (CAPCC)
CAPE Coastal Alliance on Plant Expansion (CAPE)
Capital Power Capital Power Corporation
Capitola City City of Capitola
CAPP Canadian Association Petroleum Producers (CAPP)
Capstone Capstone Turbine Corporation
Captive Aire Systems Captive Aire Systems
CARB California Air Resources Board (CARB)
CARE CAlifornians for Renewable Energy (CARE)
Cargill Inc Cargill, Incorporated
Cargill Limited Cargill Limited
Carlsbad City City of Carlsbad
Carlsbad Energy Carlsbad Energy Center LLC (Carlsbad Energy)
Carlsbad MWD Carlsbad Municipal Water District
Carlyle-Riverstone Carlyle-Riverstone Funds
Carmel City City of Carmel
Carole Dominguez Carole Dominguez
Carollo Engineers Carollo Engineers, P.C.
Carson Hydrogen Power Carson Hydrogen Power Project LLC
Caruso Caruso Acquisition Co. II, LLC (Caruso)
CASA California Association of Sanitation Agencies (CASA)
Cascade Cascade Natural Gas Corp.
CASE Community Alliance for Sensible Energy
CaSFCC California Stationary Fuel Cell Collaborative (CaSFCC)
CASH Coalition for Adequate School Housing (C.A.S.H.)
CASL Coalition for Affordable Street Lights
CASMU California Assoc of Small and Multi-Jurisdictional Utilities (CASMU)
CastleOak CastleOak Securities, L.P.
Caterpillar Caterpillar, Inc.
Catholic Charities Catholic Charities
Catholic Healthcare West Catholic Healthcare West
Cathy Day Cathy Day
Caughron Caughron
CAUSE California Alliance Utility Safety and Education (CAUSE)
CAW Californians Against Waste
CB-Energy C. B. Energy Logic, Inc.
CBCC California Black Chamber of Commerce (CBCC)
CBD Center for Biological Diversity (CBD)
CBE Communities for a Better Environment (CBE)
CBEA California Biomass Energy Alliance (CBEA)
CBEE California Board for Energy Efficiency (CBEE)
Cbeyond Cbeyond Communications, LLC
CBIA California Building Industry Association (CBIA)
CBPCA CA Building Performance Contractors Association (CBPCA)
CCA Coalition for Clean Air (CCA)
CCA Alliance Community Choice Aggregator Alliance (CCA Alliance)
CCA Community CCA Community
CCA Management CCA Management
CCAE Citizens Concern About Electromagnetic Fields (CCAE)
CCASDHH CA Coalition of Agencies Serving the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (CCASDHH)
CCC California Cogeneration Council (CCC)
CCC-Calpine California Cogeneration Council and Calpine (CCC/Calpine)
CCCP Central Coast Conservation Partnership (CCCP)
CCCS California Community College System (CCCS)
CCDC California Clean DG Coalition (CCDC)
CCEA California Consumer Empowerment Alliance (CCEA)
CCEC California Clean Energy Committee
CCEE California Coalition for Energy Efficiency (CCEE)
CCEJ Californians for Clean Energy and Jobs (CCEJ)
CCEnergy CCEnergy
CCFCM California Coalition of Fuel Cell Manufacturers (CCFCM)
CCG Constellation Energy Commodities Group, Inc. (CCG)
CCGA California Cotton Ginners' Association (CCGA)
CCI California Church Impact (CCI)
CCLC Community College League of California (CCLC)
CCOF California Certified Organic Farmers, Inc.
CCP Central California Power (CCP)
CCPUD Public Utility District No. 1 of Chelan County, Washington
CCSCommunities California Center for Sustainable Communities
CCSE California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE)
CCSF City and County of San Francisco (CCSF)
CCST California Council on Science and Technology (CCST)
CCSys Catalytica Combustion Systems, Inc.
CCTA California Cable and Telecommunications Association (CCTA)
CCTPG California Community Technology Policy Group (CCTPG)
CCWD Contra Costa Water District (CCWD)
CDFA California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA)
CDRC California Demand Response Coalition (CDRC)
CDT Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT)
CDWR California Department of Water Resources (CDWR)
CE-Gen CE Generation
CEA Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)
CEC California Energy Commission (CEC)
CEDRS CED Rock Springs, Inc.
CEE Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE)
CEED Center for Energy and Economic Development (CEED)
CEEIC California Energy Efficiency Industry Council (Efficiency Council/CEEIC)
CEERT Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technology (CEERT)
CEFF Consumer Economic Freedom Foundation (CEFF)
CEGFSC CA Electricity Gen. Facilities Standards Committee (CEGFSC)
CEJA California Environmental Justice Alliance (CEJA)
Celerity Energy Celerity Energy, Inc.
Cellco Cellco Partnership LLP
Cellnet Cellnet Technology, Inc.
Centennial West Centennial West Clean Line LLC (Centennial West)
CenterPoint CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric, LLC
Central Hydroelectric Central Hydroelectric Company
Central Valley Central Valley Gas Storage, LLC
Central Valley Project Central Valley Project Preference Power Post-2004 Implementa
CentralHudson Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp
CEOB California Electricity Oversight Board (CEOB)
CEP Center for Electrosmog Prevention (CEP)
CEQA California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)
CERC State of California Energy Resources Conservation
CERP Coalition for Emission Reduction Policy (CERP)
Cerritos City City of Cerritos
CERS California Energy Resources Scheduling (CERS)
CERT Council of Energy Resources Tribes (CERT)
Certain Generation Owners Certain Generation Owners
Certichron Certichron Inc.
CES Consolidated Edison Solutions, Inc (ConEdison Solutions/CES)
CESA California Energy Storage Alliance (CESA)
CESI Clean Energy Solutions, Inc. (CESI)
CEU Coalition of Energy Users (CEU)
CEVA California EV Alliance (CEVA)
CF-Creditors Certain Financial Creditors
CFA California Forestry Association (CFA)
CFBF California Farm Bureau Federation (CFBF)
CFC Consumer Federation of California (CFC)
CFCMA California Forward Capacity Market Advocates (CFCMA)
CforAT Center for Accessible Technology (CforAT)
CFU Vegetation Management Report
CG Group CG Group
CGC California Generation Coalition (CGC)
CGE Cincinnati Gas and Electric Company (CGE)
CGG Constellation Generation Group, LLC (CGG)
CGM CGM Engineering, Inc. (CGM)
CGMG California Gas Monitoring Group (CGMG)
ChargePoint ChargePoint, Inc.
Charles and Patricia Gentry Charles and Patricia Gentry
Charles Hewitt Charles Hewitt
Charles I Donald Charles I. Donald
Charles River Charles River Associates
Chateau Energy Chateau Energy
CHBC California Hydrogen Business Council
CHCC California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce (CHCC)
CHCD California Housing and Community Development (CHCD)
CHEERS CA Home Energy Efficiency Rating System, Inc. (CHEERS)
Chevron Chevron United States of America
CHF CRHMFA Homebuyers Fund (CHF)
Chino Basin Chino Basin Coalition
Chino Hills City City of Chino Hills
Chinook Power Chinook Power Transmission, LLC
CHPC California Housing Partnership Corporation (CHPC)
CHRC California Hydropower Reform Coalition (CHRC)
Christina Gonzalez Christina Gonzalez
Christopher Douglas Christopher Douglas
Chromalloy LA Chromalloy Los Angeles
Chromasun Chromasun, Inc.
CHSRA California High-Speed Rail Authority
Chuck and Patricia Tinney Chuck and Patricia Tinney
Chuck Bonomo Chuck Bonomo
Chula Vista City City of Chula Vista
Churchfolk Comm Churchfolk Communications, Inc.
CIEE California Institute for Energy Efficiency (CIEE)
CIG California Industrial Group (CIG)
CIG-CMA CA Industrial Group and CA Manufacturers Assoc (CIG-CMA)
CILMCT California Construction Industry Labor Management Cooperation Trust (CILMCT)
CILMT Construction Industry Labor Management Trust (CILMT)
Cingular Cingular Wireless
CIP Coalition CIP Coalition
CIPA California Independent Petroleum Association (CIPA)
CIPCO Central Iowa Power Cooperative (CIPCO)
Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc.
CISPA California ISP Association (CISPA)
Cities Cities of Anaheim, Azusa, Banning, Colton and Riverside CA (Cities)
Citigroup Energy Citigroup Energy Inc.
Citizens Review Assn Citizens Review Association
Citizens Utilities Company Citizens Utilities Company
Citrus Packers Citrus Packers
CIU California Industrial Users (CIU)
CIWMB California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB)
CKE CKE Restaurants
Clarus Energy Clarus Energy Corp.
Claudine Jones Claudine Jones
Clay Electric Clay Electric Cooperative
Clean Coalition Clean Coalition
Clean Energy Clean Energy Fuels Corporation (Clean Energy)
Clean Energy Collective Clean Energy Collective
Clean Energy Renewable Fuels Clean Energy Renewable Fuels, LLC
Clean Focus Clean Focus Corporation (Clean Focus)
Clean Power Research Clean Power Research
CleanPath CleanPath Ventures LLC
Cleantech America Cleantech America, Inc.
CleanTECH San Diego CleanTECH San Diego
ClearEdge ClearEdge Power
ClearLinx ClearLinx Network Corporation
Clearwater Clearwater Port, LLC
CLECA California Large Energy Consumers Association (CLECA)
CLFP California League of Food Processors (CLFP)
CLGC California Landfill Gas Coalition (CLGC)
Climate Protect Cmpgn Climate Protection Campaign
Clinton Fields Clinton Fields
Clovis City City of Clovis
CLTC California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC)
CMA CA Manufacturers Association (CMA)
CMAWG Capacity Market Advocacy Working Group (CMAWG)
CMCC Costa Mesa Chamber of Commerce (CMCC)
CMP-MEPCO Central Maine Power Company and Maine Electric Power Company
CMRAA CA Mobilehome Resource and Action Association (CMRAA)
CMTA California Manufacturers and Technology Association (CMTA)
CMTC California Manufacturing Technology Center (CMTC)
CMUA California Municipal Utilities Association (CMUA)
CNGPA California Natural Gas Producers Association (CNGPA)
CNGVC Calif. Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition (CNGVC)
CNUC CN Utility Consulting
Coalinga City City of Coalinga
Coalinga Cogeneration Coalinga Cogeneration Company
Coalition Coalition to Decommission San Onofre
coastecon Coast Economic Consulting (coastecon)
CODA Coda Energy (CODA)
Cogenra Cogenra Solar
Cogentrix Cogentrix Energy Power Management, LLC
CogenWorks CogenWorks Cogeneration Coalition
Cohen Venture Cohen Venture
Colley Colley
Colma Chamb Comm Colma Chamber of Commerce
Colorado State State of Colorado
Colton City City of Colton
ColtonPower Colton Power, LP
Comcast Comcast
ComcastPhone Comcast Phone of California
Commerce Energy Commerce Energy, Inc.
Commercial Energy Commercial Energy of Montana, Inc.
Commercial Energy of CA Commercial Energy of California
Commission Trial Staff Commission Trial Staff
CommissionStaff Commission Staff
Committee GO 95/128 Rules Committee (Committee)
Committee on Jobs Committee on Jobs
Commonwealth EC Commonwealth Energy Corp.
CommRedevAgency-UC Community Redevelopment Agency of Union City
Communication Workers Communictaion Workers of America 9th District
Community Food Bank Community Food Bank
Community Renewable Community Renewable Energy Resources, Inc.
Community Renewable Solutions Community Renewable Solutions, LLC
Competisys Competisys, LLC
Competitive Mkt Advoc Competitive Market Advocates
Complete Energy Complete Energy Holdings, LLC
Comverge Comverge, Inc.
ComvergeTech Comverge Technologies
Concerned Citizens-LQ Concerned Citizens of La Quinta
Concord City City of Concord
ConEdison Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. (ConEdison)
Conergy Conergy
Cong Thanh Cong Thanh
Conoco Conoco, Inc.
ConocoPhillips ConocoPhillips Company
ConradHouse Conrad House, Inc.
ConservationServGrp Conservation Services Group, Inc.
ConSol ConSol
Constellation NewEnergy Constellation NewEnergy, Inc.
Constellation Power Constellation Power Source
Consumer Powerline Consumer Powerline
ConsumersFirst Consumers First
Continental Forge Continental Forge Company
Contra Costa GS Contra Costa Generating Station, LLC
Contra Costa Taxprs Assoc Contra Costa Taxpayers Assoc
Contra Costa WD Contra Costa Water District
Contractors Coalition Contractors Coalition
Control Air Control Air Conditioning Corporation
Control4 Control4 Corporation
COPE The California Oil Producers Electrical Cooperative
COPS Citizens Oversight Projects, Inc. (COPS)
COR Church Christ Our Redeemer AME Church (COR Church)
Coral Coral Energy [and Coral Power]
Corcoran City City of Corcoran
Core Aggregators Core Aggregators
Cori Bozeman Cori Bozeman
Cornerstone Cornerstone Church of San Diego
Corona City City of Corona
Corona DWP Corona Department of Water and Power
Corp Systems Engineering Corporate Systems Engineering
Costco Costco Wholesale
CoUC Committee of Unsecured Creditors (CoUC)
Coulomb Coulomb Technologies
Court Court
Covad Communications Covad Communications Company
Covanta Covanta Energy Corporation
Cowlitz Public Utility District No. 1 of Cowlitz County, Washington
Cowlitz Cnty County of Cowlitz
Cox CoxCom, Inc. and Cox California Telcom, LLC
CPA Consumers Power Alliance (CPA)
CPI Climate Policy Initiative (CPI)
CPM Clean Power Markets, Inc. (CPM)
CPower CPower, Inc.
CPPA Calaveras Pub. Pwr. Agncy (CPPA)
CPS Custom Power Solar (CPS)
CPSD Consumer Protection and Safety Division (CPSD)
CPUC California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)
CPV Competitive Power Ventures, Power Development Inc.
CPV Renewable Energy CPV Renewable Energy Company
CRA California Retailers Association (CRA)
Craig Bonsignore Craig Bonsignore
Craig Oeser Craig Oeser
Craig Simon Craig Simon
CRB Concerned Residents of Burlingame (CRB)
CRC Colorado River Commission (CRC)
CREC Competitive Retail Energy for Consumers (CREC)
Cree Cree, Inc.
Crossborder Energy Crossborder Energy
Crown Castle Crown Castle NG West, Inc.
CRS Center for Resource Solutions (CRS)
Crystal Energy Crystal Energy, LLC
CSAEW California State Association of Electrical Workers (CSAEW)
CSBA California Small Business Association (CSBA)
CSBE Center for Small Business and the Environment (CSBE)
CSBRT California Small Business Roundtable (CSBRT)
CSE Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE)
CSERC Central Sierra Environ.RC (CSERC)
CSG Competitive Supplier Group (CSG)
CSHE California Society for Healthcare Engineering (CSHE)
CSID Consumer Service and Information Division (CSID)
CSLB Contractors State License Board (CSLB)
CSP Industry Concentrating Solar Power Industry
CSPA Concentrating Solar Power Alliance (CSPA)
CSPC Concentrated Solar Power Companies (CSPC)
CSPF California State Parks Foundation (CSPF)
CSPU California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
CSS Commercial Solar Solutions, LLC (CSS)
CSU California State University (CSU)
CSU Chico California State University, Chico
CSU Fresno California State University at Fresno
CSU Northridge California State University, Northridge
CTAC Core Transport Agent Consortium (CTAC)
CTC Center for Training and Careers, Inc. (CTC)
CTG Energetics CTG Energetics
CTIA Cellular Telephone Indust Assoc (CTIA) - The Wireless Assoc.
CTSI Southwest CTSI Southwest
CU Consumers Union (CU)
CUB JPA California Utility Buyers JPA (CUB JPA)
CUE Coalition of California Utility Employees (CUE)
Cummins Cummins, Inc.
Cummins West Cummins West, Inc.
CURE California Unions for Reliable Energy (CURE)
Current Current Group, LLC
Current Comm Group Current Communications Group
Custom Distributors Custom Distributors
CustomerGenerators CustomerGenerators
Customized Energy Customized Energy Solutions
CUWCC California Urban Water Conservation Council (CUWCC)
CVAG Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG)
CVP CVP Agri. Power Cust. Grp
CWA California Water Association (CWA)
CWCCG California Wastewater Climate Change Group (CWCCG)
CWF California Water Foundation (CWF)
Cycla Cycla Corporation
Czahar Ray Czahar
D and R International D & R International, Ltd.
DACC Direct Access Customer Coalition (DACC)
Dae Advertising Dae Advertising
Dairy Cares Dairy Cares
Dairyland Power Dairyland Power Cooperative
Dale Benson Dale Benson
Dallas Hodgson Dallas Hodgson
Dalton Utilities Dalton Utilities
Daly City Daly City
Daniel Ames Daniel Ames
Daniel Sherwood Daniel Sherwood
DARE Direct Access Residential Energy (DARE)
DATC Duke American Transmission Company (DATC)
Dave Hunt Dave Hunt
Davey Tree Davey Tree Surgery Company
David Albrecht David Albrecht
David Davis David Davis
David W Black David W. Black, Jr., DDS, Inc.
Davis City City of Davis
Davis Hydro Davis Hydro, LLC
Dayton Power Dayton Power and Light Company
DBL Investors DBL Investors
DCA California Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA)
DCC Data Center Coalition (DCC)
DCISC Diablo Canyon Independent Safety Committee (DCISC)
Dean Barlese Dean Barlese
Dean Witter Reynolds Dean Witter Reynolds Inc.
Debenham Energy Debenham Energy, LLC
DECA Distributed Energy Consumer Advocates (DECA)
Deer Springs FPD Deer Springs Fire Protection District
Defenders of Wildlife Defenders of Wildlife
DEG Davis Energy Group (DEG)
Del Taco Del Taco, Inc.
Delta Wetlands Delta Wetlands Properties
Demand Energy Demand Energy Networks (Demand Energy)
Demand Reserve Providers Demand Reserve Providers
Dennis Brandenburg Dennis Brandenburg
Dennis Kalina Dennis Kalina
Dennys Dennys
DeptArchBerkeley Department of Architecture, Berkeley
DeptCSD Department of Community Services and Devlopment (DeptCSD)
Deseret Generation Deseret Generation & Transmission Co-operative, Inc.
Designated Sellers Power Source, High Desert Power Project, and Morgan Stanley
Deutche Bank Trust Co Am Deutche Bank Trust Company Americas
DG Power DG Power International LLC
DGConsortium DG Consortium
DGS California Department of General Services (DGS)
Dianna Belding Dianna Belding
Dick Jones Dick Jones
Dietetics Dietetics
Dine CARE Dine Citizens Against Ruining Our Environment (Dine CARE)
Dinuba City City of Dinuba
Direct Access Parties Direct Access Parties
Direct Energy Direct Energy, LLC
Direct Energy Services Direct Energy Services, LLC
DirEnerBusiness Direct Energy Business, LLC
DisabRA Disability Rights Advocates (DisabRA)
Distributed Energy Distributed Energy Strategies
Division of Water and Audits Division of Water and Audits (DWA)
Dixie North Dixie North
DOD-FEA US Dept of Defense & All Other Federal Executive Agencies
Donald H Korn Donald H. Korn
Donald W Ricketts Donald W. Ricketts
Donna Gilmore Donna Gilmore
Donna Pirro Donna Pirro
Donna Tisdale Donna Tisdale
Doosan Doosan Fuel Cell America, Inc. (Doosan)
Double C Limited Double C Limited
Doug Brentlinger Doug Brentlinger
Douglas A Pinnow Douglas A. Pinnow, Ph.D.
DPCA Distributed Power Coalition of America (DPCA)
DR International D&R International
DRA Division of Ratepayer Advocates (DRA)
DRA-Consult Division of Ratepayer Advocates-Consulting (DRA-Consult)
Draker Draker SolarDesign
DRSG Demand Response and Smart Grid Coalition (DRSG)
DSP Division of Strategic Planning (DSP)
DTE DTE Biomass Energy (DTE)
Duarte City City of Duarte
DudquesneLight Dudquesne Light
Duke Duke Energy
Dunavant Dunavant of CA
DWA Desert Water Agency (DWA)
DWEA Distributed Wind Energy Association (DWEA)
Dynegy Dynegy, Inc.
E-Meter E-Meter
E-Source E-Source
E2-0 Efficiency 2.0, LLC
E3 Energy and Environmental Economics, Inc. (E3)
Eagle Crest Eagle Crest Energy Company
Eagle Forum-CA Eagle Forum of California
EAH Housing EAH Housing
EarthCorps California EarthCorps (CEC)
Earthjustice Earthjustice
Eastside Power Authority Eastside Power Authority
EBEW East Bay Energy Watch (EBEW)
EBMUD East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD)
ECC Energy Controls and Concepts (ECC)
ECCAC East County Community Action Coalition (ECCAC)
Echanis Echanis LLC
Echelon Echelon
ECHO Executive Council of Homeowners (ECHO)
EchoFirst EchoFirst Inc.
EcoEnergies EcoEnergies, Inc.
Ecology Action SC Ecology Action of Santa Cruz
EcoMotion EcoMotion
ECON ECONorthwest (ECON)
EconFreedomFund EconFreedomFund
Ecoplexus Ecoplexus, Inc.
Ecos Ecos Consulting
EcoSecurities EcoSecurities
ECOSLO Environmental Center of San Luis Obispo (ECOSLO)
ECOtality ECOtality, Inc.
ECS Energy Curtailment Specialists, Inc. (ECS)
Ecumenical Center Ecumenical Center for Black Church Studies
ED Energy Division (ED)
Ed Marek Ed Marek
Ed Savage Ed Savage
EDD Efficiency Data and Development (EDD)
EDEC Empire District Electric Company (EDEC)
Eden Housing Eden Housing
EDF Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)
EDF Renewable Energy EDF Renewable Energy, Inc.
EDFIndustrial EDF Industrial Power Services, LLC
Edison Intl Edison International
Edward Hasbrouck Edward Hasbrouck
EdwardsJoyceJ Joyce J. Edwards
EEI Edison Electrical Institute (EEI)
EES Energy Efficiency Section (EES)
EFF Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
Efficiency First Efficiency First
Efficiency First CA Efficiency First California (formerly CBPCA)
Efficiency Partnership Efficiency Partnership
EFSD Eagle Forum of San Diego (EFSD)
EGA Electric Generator Alliance (EGA)
EGC Electric Generation Coalition (EGC)
EGIA Electric and Gas Industries Association (EGIA)
EID El Dorado Irrigation District (EID)
EIF-CA-QF-Affiliates EIF California QF Affiliates
EIG Energy Innovation Group (EIG)
Eiler Eiler Fire
EIS Elster Integrated Solutions LLC (EIS)
EJS Equal Justice Society (EJS)
EKPC East Kentucky Power Cooperative (EKPC)
El Paso El Paso Corporation
El Paso City City of El Paso
El Paso de Roblas City El Paso de Roblas City
El Paso MCG El Paso Municipal Customer Group (El Paso MCG)
El Paso Merchant El Paso Merchant Energy, L.P.
El Paso NG El Paso Natural Gas Company (El Paso NG)
El Segundo Power El Segundo Power LLC
El Torito El Torito Restaurants
Elaine Fowler Elaine Fowler
ELCON Electricity Consumers Resource Council (ELCON)
ElecClassRep Electric Class Representatives
Electric America Electric America
Electric Generation Electric Generation, LLC
Electric Vehicles Coalition Electric Vehicles (EV) Service Provider Coalition
ElectricConsumers Electric Consumers
Element Power Element Power
Elise Lenox Elise Lenox
Elite SDVOB Network Elite Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business Network
Elk Hills Elk Hills Power
Elke Brazel Elke Brazel
Ella Baker Center Ella Baker Center for Human Rights (Ella Baker Center)
Ellen McKnight Ellen B. McKnight
Ellen Wolfe Ellen A. Wolfe
Elliot Roger Smith Elliot Roger Smith
Ember Ember Corporation
EME Edison Mission Energy (EME)
Emeritus at Rancho Solano Emeritus at Rancho Solano
Emerson Environmental Emerson Environmental
Emeryville City City of Emeryville
EMF EMF Safety Network
EMI Energy Market Innovations, Inc. (EMI)
eMotorWerks Electric Motor Werks, Inc. (eMotorWerks)
Empire Insulation Empire Insulation, Inc.
Empower Micro Systems Empower Micro Systems, Inc.
Empowered Energy Empowered Energy
EMS Energy Management Service (EMS)
EMUS Enbridge Marketing (U.S.) L.P. (EMUS)
EMV EMV-Energy Division
EMV-NMR EMV-Nexus Market Research, Inc. (EMV-NMR)
EMV-Quantec EMV-Quantec
EMWD Eastern Municiple Water District (EMWD)
Enalasys Corp Enalasys Corporation
ENBALA ENBALA Power Networks, Inc. (ENBALA)
EnCana EnCana Corporation
Encorp Encorp
Enercon Enercon Services, Inc.
Energia Azteca X Energia Azteca X, S. de R.L. de C.V.
Energia de Baja CA Energia de Baja California, S. de R.L. de C.V.
Energx Energx Controls, Inc.
Energy America Energy America, LLC
Energy Analysis Energy Analysis Technologies
Energy Choice Energy Choice
Energy Coalition The Energy Coalition
Energy Cost Control Energy Cost Control Solutions
Energy Efficiency Energy Efficiency Inc.
Energy Efficiency Council Energy Efficiency Council (The Council/EEC)
Energy Innovations Energy Innovations, Inc.
Energy Nexus Energy Nexus Group
Energy Partnership Energy Partnership
Energy Storage Energy Storage Association (ESA)
EnergyConnect EnergyConnect, Inc.
EnergyHub EnergyHub, Inc.
EnergySource EnergySource LLC (EnergySource)
Enerland Enerland, LLC
EnerNex EnerNex Corporation
EnerNOC Energy Network Operations Center, Inc. (EnerNOC)
EnerVault EnerVault Corporation (EnerVault)
Enovity Enovity, Inc.
Enpex Enpex Corporation
Enphase Energy Enphase Energy, Inc.
Enpower Enpower Corp
Enron Enron Corporation
EnSave EnSave Energy Performance, Inc.
Enserch Enserch Energy Services, Inc.
Enspiria Enspiria Solutions, Inc.
Enstor Enstor Operating Company, LLC
Entegra Power Entegra Power Group LLC
Entergy Entergy Services Inc.
EnterpriseForEducation Enterprise for Education, Inc.
Environ Health Environmental Health Coalition
Environment CA Environment California Research and Policy Center
Environmental Coalition The Environmental Coalition
Environmental Council Community Environmental Council
Environmental Entrepreneurs Environmental Entrepreneurs
enXco enXco Development Corporation
EOC Shippers East of CA Shippers (EOC Shippers)
EON Ecological Options Network (EON)
EPA Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
EPE El Paso Electric Company (EPE)
EPI EP, Inc. (EPI)
EPIC Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)
EPRI Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
EPSA Electric Power Supply Association (EPSA)
EPUC Energy Producers and Users Coalition (EPUC)
Equinix Equinix, Inc.
Equipoise Equipoise Consulting, Inc.
Equity Office Equity Office Properties
ERI Energy Recommerce Inc. (ERI)
Eric Chamberlain Eric Chamberlain
Eric Snider Eric Snider
Eric Taylor Eric Taylor
Eric Tissot-Dupont Eric Tissot-Dupont
ERS Energy and Resource Solutions (ERS)
ES Energy Solutions (ES)
ESA Environmental Science Association (ESA)
ESC Local 20 Engineers and Scientists of California (ESC) Local 20
ESC-EA ESC Energy Alliance
Escondido City City of Escondido
Escondido Union HS District Escondido Union High School District
ESG Efficiency Services Group (ESG)
ESH Ellison, Schneider and Harris LLP (ESH)
ESI Engineering Systems Inc. (ESI)
ESRA Eastern Sierra Ratepayer Association (ESRA)
ETA Emerging Technologies Associates Inc (ETA)
EtaGen EtaGen, Inc.
EU Energy Utilities (EU)
EUF Energy Users Forum (EUF)
Eugen Dunlap Eugen Dunlap
EV Grid EV Grid, Inc.
EV Service Provider EV Service Provider Coalition
Everyday Energy Everyday Energy, Inc.
eVgo NRG EV Services LLC (eVgo)
EVMWD The Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District
Evolution Markets Evolution Markets Inc.
EVSEP Coalition Electric Vehicle Service and Equipment Provider Coalition (EVSEP Coalition)
Exelon Exelon Corp
ExteNet Systems ExteNet Systems
Exxon Mobil Exxon Mobil Corporation
Eyzatia Eyzatia Eyzatia Eyzatia
Fairfax Town Town of Fairfax
Fairfield Energy Center Fairfield Energy Center, LLC
Far West Service Far West Service, Ltd.
Fayetteville Public Works Fayetteville Public Works Commission
FCE FuelCell Energy, Inc. (FCE)
FCHEA Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA)
FEA Federal Executive Agencies (FEA)
Federal Register Federal Register
Felton FLOW Felton Friends of Locally Owned Water (Felton FLOW)
FERC Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
FERC Staff Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Staff
Fernandez Joseph and Joan Fernandez
FernandezTrust The Fernandez Trust
Fielder Fielder, Fielder & Fielder Law Offices
Finavera Finavera Renewables Inc.
Fire2Wire Fire2Wire
FiremansFund Firemans Fund Insurance Company
First Boston First Boston Corporation
First Mortgage First Mortgage Bondholders
First Solar First Solar
FirstEnergy First Energy
FirstFuel FirstFuel Software, Inc.
Fisher Nickel Fisher Nickel, Inc.
Fisker Automotive Fisker Automotive, Inc.
FIT Coalition FIT Coalition
Five Star Bank Five Star Bank
FlexEnergy FlexEnergy LLC
Flexo Hiner Flexo Hiner
Flintridge Consulting Flintridge Consulting
FLOW Friends of Living Oregon Water (FLOW)
FMAAA Fresno-Madera Area Agency on Aging
FMC Freeport-McMoRan Corporation
FMG Marketing FMG Marketing
FMS Facilities Management Specialists (FMS)
Fndtn Windpower Foundation Windpower, LLC
FOFandP Friends of the Forest and the Santa Rosa Plateau (FOFandP)
Foothill Conservancy Foothill Conservancy, Inc.
Foothill Volunteer Ctr Foothill Volunteer Center
Ford Ford Motor Company (Ford)
Forecast Forecast Creditors
Fort Bidwell Fort Bidwell Paiute Tribe and Indian Community Council
Fort McDermitt Fort McDermitt Paiute-Shoshone Tribe
Fortistar Methane Group Fortistar Methane Group (FMG)
FortPierce Fort Pierce Utilities Authority
FourCities FourCities
Fowler City City of Fowler
FPF Future of Privacy Forum (FPF)
FPL Florida Power and Light (FPL)
FPL Energy FPL Energy, LLC
FPUD Fallbrook Public Utilities District (FPUD)
Frances M Cleveland Frances M. Cleveland
Frank Vaughn Frank Vaughn
Fred-Jill Egelston Fred and Jill Egelston
Free Lighting Free Lighting Corporation
Freeport Minerals Corporation Freeport Minerals Corporation
Fremont City City of Fremont
Fresno City City of Fresno
Fresno Cnty County of Fresno
Fresno Cnty Ed Office Fresno Cnty. Office of Education
Fresno USD Fresno Unified School District
Fresno West Coal Econ Dev Fresno West Coalition for Econ. Dev.
FresnoCogen Fresno Cogeneration Partners, LP
Friends Eel River Friends of the Eel River
Friends of Kirkwood Friends of Kirkwood Association
Friends Of The Earth Friends of the Earth
Friends Of The Forest Friends of the Forest (Trabuco District)
Friends Of The River Friends of the River
FriesianFocus Friesian Focus, LLC
Frito-Lay Frito-Lay, Inc.
Fronius Fronius USA, LLC
Frontier Associates Frontier Associates
FrontierCommunications Frontier Communications
FST Fat Spaniel Technologies, Inc. (FST)
FTC Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
FTI Consulting FTI Consulting
FTTH Council Fiber to the Home Council Americas
FUF Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF)
Full Circle Full Circle Renewables LLC
FUND Fund for the Environment (FUND)
Gail Mahood Gail Mahood
Gail Secchia Gail Secchia
Gainesville Reg Utilities Gainesville Regional Utilities
Gallo E. and J. Gallo Winery
Gary Gockel Gary Gockel and Pool Solutions Group
Gary Kah Gary F. Kah
Gas Technology Gas Technology
GBRW Great Basin Resource Watch (GBRW)
GCC Green Cities California (GCC)
GDF SUEZ GDF SUEZ Energy Resources NA, Inc. (GDF SUEZ)
GE Glacial Energy VI, LLC (GE)
GE Energy General Electric Energy
GE-Appliances GE-Appliances
GEA Geothermal Energy Association (GEA)
GEI GEI Consultants, Inc. (GEI)
Genentech Genentech, Inc.
General Motors General Motors
GenOn GenOn Energy, Inc. (GenOn)
GenOn CA North GenOn California North, LLC
GeoPraxis GeoPraxis, Inc.
George G Odero George G. Odero/Energywise Engineering and Technical Consulting Services
George Parrott George L. Parrott, Ph.D.
GEP Global Energy Partners (GEP)
Gerdau Gerdau Long Steel North America
Gerry Gaydos Gerry Gaydos
GES Global Energy Services (GES)
Gestamp Solar Gestamp Solar
Gexa Energy Gexa Energy California, LLC
GGRA Golden Gate Restaurant Association (GGRA)
GGSV Gray, Greer, Shelby and Vaughn LLC (GGSV)
GHPC Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium (GHPC)
Gila River Power Gila River Power, L.P.
Gill Ranch Storage Gill Ranch Storage, LLC
Gills Onions Gills Onions Rio Farms
Gilroy Energy Center Gilroy Energy Center
Gint Federas Gint Federas
Glacial Energy Glacial Energy of California, Inc.
Glen Canyon Glen Canyon Corporation
Glendale City City of Glendale
Glenn Cnty Glenn County
Glenn Nunez Glenn Nunez
Glenn Pascall Glenn Pascall
Glenn Peterson Glenn Peterson
Glenn T Meeks Glenn T. Meeks
Global Automakers Association of Global Automakers, Inc.
Global Energy Global Energy Decisions, LLC
Global Green Global Green USA
Glunetworks Glunetworks
GME Green Mountain Energy Company (GME)
GoldenSierraPower Golden Sierra Power, Inc.
GoldenSpreadElectric Golden Spread Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Good Company Good Company Associates, Inc.
GoodCents Solutions GoodCents Solutions, Inc.
Goodrich Aerostruct Grp Goodrich Aerostructures Group
Google Google Inc.
Google Fiber Inc Google Fiber Inc.
Government Partners South Bay Cities Council of Governments
GovOffice Govenor's Office
GPI Green Power Institute (GPI)
GPT Gas and Power Technologies (GPT)
Gr Fresno Area CC Greater Fresno Area CC
Gr Merced Chamb Comm Greater Merced Chamber of Commerce
GraniteKey GraniteKey LLC
GrantPUD Grant County Public Utility District (GrantPUD)
Graphite Energy Graphite Energy Storage Partners LLC
Gravity Power Gravity Power, LLC
GRDA Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA)
Great River Energy Great River Energy
Great Valley Center Great Valley Center
Green For All Green For All
Green Mountain Green Mountain Energy Resources LLC
Green OnRamp SUM PROJECT Green OnRamp
Green-e Green-e Energy
Greenaction Greenaction for Health Environmental Justice
Greenlining Institute Greenlining Institute
Greenlining LIF Greenlining Institute and Latino Issues Forum (Greenlining LIF)
Greenpeace Greenpeace
GreenPlumbers GreenPlumbers USA
GreenVolts GreenVolts
Greg Johnson Greg Johnson
Gregory Beemer Gregory Beemer
GRID Alternatives GRID Alternatives
Grid Services Grid Services, Inc.
Gridco Systems Gridco Systems
GroundedPower GroundedPower, Inc.
Grueneich Resource Grueneich Resource Advocates
GS Electric GS Electric Generating Cooperative, Inc.
GSMOL Golden State Manufactured - Home Owners League (GSMOL)
GSPC Golden State Power Cooperative (GSPC)
GSRB Gas Safety and Reliability Branch (GSRB)
GSWC Golden State Water Company (GSWC)
GTC Georgia Transmission Corporation (GTC)
GTE GTE California, Inc.
GTLG Green Technology Leadership Group (GTLG)
GTN Gas Transmission Northwest Corporation (GTN)
GuardianIndustries GuardianIndustries
Gwen Moore Gwen Moore
H-P Systems H & P Systems, Inc.
HAI Henwood Associates, Inc. (HAI)
Hallador Production Hallador Production Company
Hanford City City of Hanford
Hank Ryan Hank Ryan
Hans Laetz Hans Laetz
HAPA Hayward Area Planning Association (HAPA)
Harbor Cogeneration Harbor Cogeneration Company, LLC
HARDI Heating, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI)
Hardy Energy Hardy Energy Consulting LLC
Harney Cnty Harney County, Oregon
Harpiris Energy Harpiris Energy
Harvest Harvest Power California, LLC (Harvest)
HASC Healthcare Association of Southern California (HASC)
Hawthorne Power Hawthorne Power Systems
HBMWD Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District (HBMWD)
HEA Home Energy Analytics (HEA)
Heat is Power Heat is Power
Heather Epps Heather Epps
Heather Nelson Heather Nelson
HECO Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO)
Heliodyne Heliodyne Solar Hot Water
HelioMicroUtility Helio Micro Utility
Helix WD Helix Water District
Heller Manus Heller Manus Architects
Hemet City City of Hemet
Hercules City City of Hercules
Hercules MU Hercules Municipal Utility (Hercules MU)
Hess Microgen Hess Microgren
HET Hafslund Energy Trading, LLC (HET)
HetNet Forum HetNet Forum
HFE Hills for Everyone (HFE)
High Desert High Desert Power Project, LLC
High Sierra High Sierra Limited
Hillsboro Properties Hillsboro Properties, LLC
Hillsborough Town of Hillsborough
HitachiGlobal Hitachi Global
HL Energy Savers HL Energy Savers
HL Power HL Power Company
HMG Heschong Mahone Group, Inc. (HMG)
Holding Group The Holding Group, Inc.
HOME Homeowners Organized to Maintain Equity (HOME)
HomeGridForum HomeGrid Forum
Honda American Honda Motor Company
Honeywell DMC Honewell DMC Svc. Inc.
HoneywellCannon Honeywell/Cannon Alliance
HoosierEnergy Hoosier Energy Rural Electric Coop, Inc.
Horizon Horizon Wind Energy, LLC
Housing California Housing California
Howard M Clearfield Howard M. Clearfield
HPC Hanson Permanente Cement, Inc. (HPC)
HQ Advertising HeadQuarters Advertising
HSG Hourly Service Shipper Group (HSG)
Humboldt Cnty County of Humboldt
Hunt Technologies Hunt Technologies, Inc
Huntington Beach City City of Huntington Beach
HuntPower Hunt Power, L.P.
HydroGen HydroGen Corporation
Hydrogen Energy Hydrogen Energy International LLC
Hypower Hypower, Inc.
IACCC Industrial Association of Contra Costa County (IACCC)
IAG Inland Aquaculture Group, LLC (IAG)
IBB International Brotherhood of Boilermakers (IBB)
Iberdrola Iberdrola Renewables, LLC
IBEW International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)
ICA Insulation Contractors Association (ICA)
ICCT International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT)
Ice Energy Ice Energy, Inc.
ICF ICF Associates, Inc.
ICP Indicated Commercial Parties (ICP)
Idaho Power Idaho Power Company
Idaho Wind Idaho Wind Partners 1, LLC
IdahoPowerCo Idaho Power Co
IEA Industrial Environmental Association (IEA)
IEP Independent Energy Producers Association (IEP)
IES Independent Energy Solutions, Inc. (IES)
IETA International Emissions Trading Association (IETA)
IEUA Inland Empire Utilities Agency (IEUA)
IEW Inland Empire Waterkeeper (IEW)
IFMA International Facility Management Association (IFMA)
IGCAA Industrial Gas Consumers Association of Alberta (IGCAA)
IGI IGI Resources, Inc.
IGS Interstate Gas Services, Inc. (IGS)
IGS Energy IGS Energy
IHACI Institute of Heating and Air Conditioning Industries, Inc. (IHACI)
IIBB International Institute of Bengal Basin (IIBB)
IID Imperial Irrigation District (IID)
IKUN Energy IKUN Energy
IllinoisPower Illinois Power Co.
Imergy Imergy Power Systems, Inc. (Imergy)
ImMODO ImMODO International Corporation (ImMODO)
Imonitor Energy Imonitor Energy
IMPCO IMPCO Technologies, Inc.
Imperial Oil Resources Imperial Oil Resources
IMServ IMServ
IMT Institute for Market Transformation (IMT)
In-HouseEnergy In-House Energy
Independence Independence Power and Light
Independent Energy Independent Energy Consulting
IndepRev Independent Reviewer
Indicated Cement Indicated Cement Companies
Indicated E Gen Indicated Electric Generators
Indicated GA III Parties Indicated Gas Accord III Parties
Indicated GAO Indicated Generating Asset Owners
Indicated QF Switchers Indicated Qualifying Facility Switchers
Indicated Sellers Indicated Sellers (Coral and SER)
Indicated Shippers Indicated Shippers
IndicatedProducers Indicated Producers
Individual Plaintiffs Individual 2007 Power Line Fire Litigation Plaintiffs
IndividualCounties IndividualCounties
Indoor Environmental Indoor Environmental Services
Industrial Energy Alliance Industrial Energy Alliance (iea)
Industry City City of Industry
Infinia Corporation Infinia Corporation
Infotility Infotility
Ingersoll-Rand Ingersoll-Rand Energy Systems
Innovologie Innovologie
Insulation Contractors Insulation Contractors Association
Insync InSync Information Systems, Inc.
Integral Analytics Integral Analytics Inc.
Inter-TribalCouncil Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada
InterGen InterGen, N.V.
Intergy Intergy Corporation/Intergy, LLC
InternationalPowerTech International Power Technology
Interstate Nat Gas Interstate Natural Gas
Interstate Power Interstate Power and Light
Intertie Corporation Intertie Corporation
Invensys Invensys Home Control System
IP Networks IP Networks, Inc.
IPAA Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA)
IPC Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (IPC)
IPL Indianapolis Power and Light (IPL)
IREC Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC)
IRP Independent Review Panel (IRP)
IRS Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
Irvine City City of Irvine
Irvine Co The Irvine Company
IRWD Irvine Ranch Water District (IRWD)
ISDLA Internal Services Dept. of the County of Los Angeles (ISDLA)
ITC International Transmission Company (ITC)
Itron Itron, Inc.
IVDA Inland Valley Development Agency (IVDA)
IW Group IW Group
IWD Irrigation and Water District (IWD)
J Aron Co J. Aron and Company
J David Gladstone J David Gladstone Institutes
Jack Jack In The Box
Jack Ellis Jack Ellis
Jack Lucero Fleck Jack Lucero Fleck
Jackson Mueller LLC Jackson W. Mueller, Jr., LLC
JACO JACO, Environmental Inc.
JacobsConsultancy Jacobs Consultancy (JacobsConsultancy)
Jacqueline Ayer Jacqueline Ayer
JAM JAM Investments, Inc.
James Polish James Polish
James Weil James Weil
Janis Kalina Janis Kalina
Jared Huffman Jared Huffman
Jason Jungreis Jason Jungreis
JaxBch City of Jacksonville Beach Dept. of Electric Utility (JaxBch)
JBS JBS Energy, Inc. / JBS Instruments
JCEEP Joint Committee on Energy and Environmental Policy (JCEEP)
JCPenney JCPenney Company, Inc.
JDSU JDS Uniphase Corporation (JDSU)
JEA Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA)
Jean Merrigan Jean Merrigan
Jeff Herzbach Jeffrey Herzbach
Jeff White Jeff White
Jennifer Gutierrez Jennifer Gutierrez
Jeromy Johnson Jeromy Johnson
Jerry Barr Jerry Barr
Jerry Brown Jerry Brown, CA Attorney General
Jim Brown Jim Brown
JJH James J. Hirsch and Associates (JJH)
JMCHL Jesse Miranda Center for Hispanic Leadership
Joel Evans Joel Evans
Joel Gomberg Joel Gomberg
John Hussa John Hussa
John Lathrop John Lathrop
John Peck John Peck
John Pecora John Pecora
John Quinley John Quinley
John Saemann John Saemann
John Terry John Terry
Johnson Controls Johnson Controls Battery Group, Inc/Johnson Controls, Inc
Joint GAO Joint Generating Asset Owners
Joint Parties Joint Parties
Joint QF Parties Joint Qualifying Facilities
Joint Venture Wireless Communications Initiative - Joint Venture-Silicon Valley
JonWellinghoff Jon Wellinghoff
Joseph Edmondson Joseph Curtis Edmondson
Joseph Mazzoni Joseph Mazzoni
Joshua Hart Joshua Hart/Stop Smart Meters
JPMorgan J P Morgan Chase Bank
JPMorganVEC J P Morgan Ventures Energy Corporation
JR Wood J. R. Wood Inc.
Juan Laos Juan Laos
Juniper Juniper Generation, LLC
Just Transition Just Transition Coalition
JV-Manufacturing JV-Manufacturing
KA Adelman Kenneth A. Adelman
KACO KACO Solar, Inc.
Kammerer Kammerer and Associates
Karey Christ-Janer Karey Christ-Janer
Karin Obal Karin Obal
Katin Engineering Katin Engineering
KawasakiMotors Kawasaki Motors
KBCBank KBC Bank
KCPL Kansas City Power & Light Company
Keith A Freitas Keith A. Freitas
Keith McLaurin S. Keith McLaurin, Ph.D.
Kelly Beck R. Kelly Beck
KEMA KEMA Sustainable Market Strategies
Kema-Xenergy Kema-Xenergy (Consultants)
Ken Hargreaves Kenneth Hargreaves
Ken Young Ken Young
Kenneth C Johnson Kenneth C. Johnson
Kenneth Harley Kenneth Harley
Kerman City City of Kerman
Kern Cnty County of Kern
Kern Cnty WA Kern County Water Agency
Kern Front Limited Kern Front Limited
Kern Oil Refining Kern Oil and Refining Co.
Kern River Kern River Gas Transmission Company
KERNTAX Kern County Taxpayers Association
Kevin Emmerich Kevin Emmerich
KEYS Energy KEYS Energy Services - Utility Board City of Key West
KGE Kansas Gas and Electric
Kiara Solar Kiara Solar
KIC Kensington Improvement Club
KIGS King Island Gas Storage, LLC
Kilbourne Kilbourne & Associates
Kimberly Clark Corp. Kimberly Clark Corporation
Kimberly D Bose Kimberly D. Bose
KimYoumans Kim Youmans
Kings River Water Assoc Kings River Water Association
Kingsburg City City of Kingsburg
Klamath Cnty Klamath County
Klamath Falls City City of Klamath Falls
Klamath Tribes Klamath Tribes
Klickitat Utility 1 Klickitat County Public Utility District #1
KMCA Kern Minority Contractors Association (KMCA)
KMIGT Kinder Morgan Interstate Gas Transmission LLC (KMIGT)
Knecht Ron Knecht
KnGrid KnGrid, LLC
Koeller Koeller and Company
Kopf Michael Kopf
KPC Katabatic Power Corporation
KRCD Kings River Conserv. Dist (KRCD)
Kroger Kroger, Co.
Kruger Kruger Energy
Krystal Spinder Krystal Spinder
KSEngineers KSEngineers
Kumeyaay Kumeyaay Wind LLC
KW Engineering KW Engineering
KyotoUSA Kyoto USA (KyotoUSA)
L Jan Reid L. Jan Reid
LA Cnty Sanit Districts Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts
LA ARTC LA Area Race Track Coalition
LA City City of Los Angeles
La Cooperativa La Cooperativa Campesina de California
LA Latino Bus Chamb Latino Business Chamber of Greater Los Angeles (LBCGLA)
LA Metro Churches Los Angeles Metropolitan Churches
La Paloma La Paloma Generating Company, LLC (La Paloma)
La Playa Heritage La Playa Heritage
Laborers Local 89 Laborers International Union of North America, Local 89
LACC Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce
LACCD Los Angeles Community College District
LACEDC Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation
LACoFD Los Angeles County Fire Department (LACoFD)
LaDawn Hirst LaDawn Hirst
LADWP Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP)
Laguna ID Laguna Irrigation District
Lake Cnty County of Lake
Lake County Chamb Comm Lake County Chamber Commerce
Lake County Library District Lake County Library District
Lakeland Electric Lakeland Electric
Lakeside USD Lakeside Union School District
Lakeview Lakeview Light & Power/Green Energy/Wind Energy
Lakeview Church of Nazarene Lakeview Church of Nazarene
Lakeview Town Town of Lakeview
LALCC Los Angeles Latino Chamber of Commerce (LALCC)
Lamar Lamar Central Outdoor, LLC
LamontPUD Lamont Public Utility District
Lancaster City City of Lancaster
Lantiq Lantiq, Inc.
Larry Johnson Larry Johnson
Larry Svoboda Larry Svoboda
Laura Cunningham Laura Cunningham
Laurelglen Farms Laurelglen Farms
LAUSD Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)
Lawrence Berkeley Nat Lab Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
LCEA Local Clean Energy Alliance (LCEA)
LCRA LCRA Transmission Service Corp
Leaf Exchange Leaf Exchange LLC
League CA Cities League of CA Cities
League of Women Voters League of Women Voters
LEAN Local Energy Aggregation Network (LEAN)
LEAPS Lake Elsinore Advanced Pump Storage
Lee Fledderjohann Lee Fledderjohann
Lee G Cooper Lee G. Cooper
Lee R Walker Lee R Walker
Leeka Kheifets Leeka Kheifets
Legal Legislative Coalition Legal Legislative Coalition
Lehigh SW Cement Lehigh Southwest Cement Company
LEHS Lake Elsinore Historical Society
Lemon Grove SD Lemon Grove School District
Lemoore City City of Lemoore
Leprino Leprino Foods Co.
LES Lincoln Electric System
Leviton Leviton Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Levy Associates Levy Associates
Lewis-Koskinen Alex Lewis-Koskinen
LGC Local Government Commission (LGC)
LGE LG & E Energy LLC
LGEC Local Government Energy Coalition
LGS Lodi Gas Storage (LGS)
LGSEC Local Government Sustainable Energy Coalition (LGSEC)
LIAB Low-Income Advisory Board
Liberty The Liberty Consulting Group (Liberty)
Liberty Energy Liberty Energy-California Pacific Electric Company
Liberty Fuels Liberty Fuels
Liberty Power Liberty Power Holdings LLC
Liberty Power Delaware Liberty Power Delaware LLC
Liberty Utilities Liberty Utilities (CalPeco Electric) LLC
LIEE Low Income Energy Efficiency
LIF Latino Issues Forum (LIF)
LIGB Low Income Governing Board
Light Star Light Star
Lightsail and Danlin Lightsail Energy and Danlin Solar Corp.
Limoneira Limoneira Company
Lincoln County Lincoln County
Linda Ashworth Linda Ashworth
Lindsay-Strathmore Lindsay-Strathmore
Linea Sundstrom Linea Sundstrom
LIOB Low Income Oversight Board
LIPA Long Island Power Authority and LIPA
LISC Local Initiatives Support/Housing Corporation
LISPA Low-Income Service Providers Alliance
Lively Utility Utility Economic Engineers (Lively Utility)
Livermore City City of Livermore
LLNL Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
LMUD Lassen Municipal Utility District (LMUD)
Lo Bue Brothers Lo Bue Brothers Inc
Local Govt Parties Local Government Parties
Local Power Local Power
Local Unions 246-342 Plumbers/Pipe Fitters/Steamfitters Local Unions 246/342
Lockheed Martin Lockheed Martin
LodiCity Lodi City
Lompos City City of Lompos
Long Beach City City of Long Beach
Long Beach Gas Long Beach Gas and Oil Department
Long Beach Generation Long Beach Generation
Long Beach MMC Long Beach Memorial Medical Center
Longview Longview Energy Exchange, LLC (Longview)
Loop Loop Capital Markets, LLC
Lorieta Cowan Lorieta Cowan
Los Altos Hills Town Town of Los Altos Hills
Los Angeles Cnty County of Los Angeles
Lou Lou
Lower Jones Co Lower Jones Company
Lowes Lowes Home Improvement
LPA Lancaster Power Authority (LPA)
LPL Lubbock Power and Light
LS Power LS Power Generation, LLC
LSA Large-scale Solar Association (LSA)
LSP Arlington Valley LSP Arlington Valley, LLC
Lucky Farms Inc Lucky Farms, Inc.
Luke Robinson Luke Robinson
LumenZ LumenX Consulting (LumenZ)
Lutzenhiser Loren Lutzenhiser
M J Bradley M. J. Bradley & Associates, Inc.
MAAC Metropolitan Area Advisory Committee (MAAC)
Macias Consulting Macias Consulting Group
MaciasGiniOConnellLLP - MGO Macias Gini & O'Connell LLP (MGO)
Macquarie Energy Macquarie Energy LLC
Macys Macy's Inc.
Madera City City of Madera
Madera Cnty County of Madera
Madera Energy Center Madera Energy Center, LLC
Madera Power Madera Power, LLC
Mafi Trench Mafi-Trench Corp.
Mainstay Energy Mainstay Energy
Manatt Phelps and Phillips Manatt, Phelps and Phillips, LLP
Manhattan Beach City City of Manhattan Beach
Manji Patel Manji Patel
Manteca City City of Manteca
Manuel Bros Manuel Bros., Inc.
MAR Marin Association of Realtors (MAR)
Marathon Oil Marathon Oil Company
Maravilla Foundation Maravilla Foundation
Marc Geller Marc Geller
Marc Joseph Marc D. Joseph
Margret Schmidt Margret Schmidt
Maria Lawrence Maria V. Lawrence
Marin Cnty County of Marin
Marin MWD Marin Municiple Water District
Marina City City of Marina
Marina Coast WD Marina Coast Water District
Mariposa Mariposa Energy, LLC
Marjorie Sill Marjorie Sill
Marsh Marsh Commercial Surety Practice
Martin Homec Martin Homec
MartinezRefining Martinez Refining
Marubeni Marubeni Corporation
Mary Stock Mary Stock
Mash Coalition Mash Coalition
Matt Haber Matt Haber
Matthew DeAngelis Matthew DeAngelis
MauryDeBont Maury De Bont
Maytag Maytag Corporation
McAllister Ranch ID McAllister Ranch ID
McCarthy Berlin LLP McCarthy & Berlin, LLP
McCutchen Wilmot McCutchen
McDonalds McDonalds
MCE Marin Clean Energy (MCE)
McGuire & Co. McGuire & Company
MCI MCI Worldcom, Inc.
MCR MCR Performance Solutions
MEA Marin Energy Authority (MEA)
MegaWatt MegaWatt Storage Farms, Inc
Mel Belding Mel Belding
Melink Melink
Melissa Barker Melissa Barker
MEMT Marin Energy Management Team
Mendocino Cnty County of Mendocino
Mendocino Cnty IWPC Mendocine Co. Inland WPC
Menifee Tea Party Menifee Tea Party - Hemet Tea Party - Temecula Tea
Merced ID Merced Irrigation District (Merced ID)
Mercy Housing Mercy Housing
Merit Herman Merit B. Herman
Merrill Lynch Merrill Lynch
Metrus Energy Metrus Energy, Inc.
Mewbourne Mewbourne Oil Company
Mex Gas Supply Mex Gas Supply, S.L. (formerly MGI Supply Ltd.)
Meyers Farming Meyers Farming, LLC
MGDevelopment M-G Development
MGI Supply MGI Supply Ltd.
MGK-Risk MGK Risk and Insurance Services, Inc.
MHS Memorial Health Services
Michael - Janet Hetherington Michael and Janet Hetherington
Michael D Mahon Michael D. Mahon
Michael Kyes Michael Kyes
Michael Ling Michael Ling
Michigan Governor Michigan Governor, Jennifer Granholm
Michigan State State of Michigan
Microgy Microgy, Inc
MidAmerican MidAmerican Energy Co
MIDC Mid-Set Cogeneration Company (MIDC)
Midway Starwood Power Midway LLC (Midway)
Midway Pwr Midway Power
Midway Sunset Midway-Sunset Cogeneration Company
Midwest Midwest Energy, Inc.
Mike Kobb Mike Kobb
Mike Rogers Michael Rogers, GreenHomes America
Mike Shiffermiller Mike Shiffermiller
Millenium Energy Millenium Energy
MinnesotaPower Minnesota Power
Minnkota Power Minnkota Power Coop, Inc.
Mint Energy Mint Energy, LLC (Mint Energy)
Mirant Mirant
Mission-data Mission-data Coalition
Missouri Public Missouri Public Service Commission
MITSO Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, Inc.
Mitsubishi RDA Mitsubishi Motors R&D of America
MLEA Moon Lake Electric Association
MMWEC Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company
Modesto ID Modesto Irrigation District (Modesto ID)
Modoc Cnty County of Modoc
Mojave Pipeline Mojave Pipeline Company
Mono Cnty County of Mono
Monsanto Monsanto
Montana-Dakota Montana-Dakota Utilties Co
Montauk Energy Montauk Energy
Monte Sereno City City of Monte Sereno
Montecito Association Montecito Association
Monterey Bay Community Power Monterey Bay Community Power
Monterey Cnty Housing Monterey County Housing Authority Development Corporation
Moreno Valley City City of Moreno Valley
MorganGuaranty Morgan Guaranty
Morongo Power Morongo Power
MorrisonFoerster Morrison & Foerster LLP
Morro Bay City City of Morro Bay
Mountain Utilities Mountain Utilities
Movants Movants
MPG Mansfield Power and Gas, LLC (MPG)
MPS Maine Public Service Co
MRWMD Monterey Regional Waste Management District (MRWMD
MS Delta Energy Agency Mississippi Delta Energy Agency
MSCGI Morgan Stanley Capital Group, Inc. (MSCGI)
MSLAJPA Marin Street Light Acquisition Joint Powers Authority
MSR PPA MSR Public Power Agency
Mueller Plastics Mueller Plastics Corporation, Inc.
Murrieta City City of Murrieta
Muscatine Muscatine Power and Water
Mussey Grade Rd Mussey Grade Road Alliance
MWDSC Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWDSC)
MyEnerSave MyEnerSave Inc.
NAAC National Asian American Coalition (NAAC)
NAACP National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
NAESCO National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO)
Nancy Bensen Nancy Bensen
Napa City City of Napa
NAPG North American Power Group, Ltd.
NAPP North America Power Partners LLC
NAPVDA North American Photovoltaic Developers Association (NAPVDA)
NASA Ames NASA Ames Research Center
Natel Energy Inc Natel Energy Inc
National Resource National Resource Management
NationalGrid National Grid USA
NaturEner NaturEner USA, LLC (NaturEner)
NaturEner USA NaturEner USA
Navajo Nation Navajo Nation
Navigant Consulting Navigant Consulting, Inc.
Navigator Telecom Navigator Telecommunications
NCGC Northern California Generation Coalition (NCGC)
NCIP Northern California Indicated Producers (NCIP)
NCLC National Consumer Law Center (NCLC)
NCMCA Northern CA Mechanical Contractors Assoc
NCPA Northern California Power Agency (NCPA)
NCRA North Coast Rivers Alliance
NCTD North County Transit District (NCTD)
NCWA Northern CA Water Agency
NDEC New Dimension Energy Company, LLC (NDEC)
NDLCA Neighborhood Defense League of California (NDLCA)
NE Electric System New England Electric System
NEEA Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
NEM National Energy Marketers Association (NEM)
NEMA National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)
NEO NEO Corporation
NERC No Amer Elec Reliability Cncl
NESCO Northwest Energy Systems Company (NESCO)
Nest Nest Labs, Inc. (Nest)
NestleWatersNA Nestle Waters North America
NEV Nev Technologies, LLC
Nevada Cnty Nevada County
Nevada Hydro Nevada Hydro Co.
Nevada ID Nevada Irrigation Dist.
Nevada Power Sierra Nevada Power Company and Sierra Pacific Power Company
Nevada State State of Nevada
New Forests New Forests
New Harquahala New Harquahala Generating Company, LLC
New Mexico New Mexico
New Mexico State State of New Mexico
New Power The New Power Co.
New West New West Energy Corporation
Newark Group The Newark Group, Inc.
Newberry Newberry Geothermal LLC / Davenport Newberry Holdings, LLC
Newcomb Anderson Newcomb Anderson Associates
NewEnergy New Energy
Newhall Newhall County Water District
NewMexicoPubSvc New Mexico Public Service
Newmont Mining Newmont Mining Corporation
NewPath New Path Networks, LLC
NewPoint New Point Group
Nexant Nexant
Nexen Nexen Marketing USA Inc
Next Edge Next Edge, Inc.
Nextek Power Systems Nextek Power Systems, Inc.
Nextel Nextel
NextEra Energy NextEra Energy Resources
NextG NextG Networks of California
NextLight NextLight Renewable Power, LLC
NFCRC National Fuel Cell Research Center
NGK NGK Insulators, LTD. (NGK)
NGLCC National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLC)
NGTL NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd
NHAF National Hmong American Farmers (NHAF)
NHCLC National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC)
NHI Natural Heritage Institute (NHI)
NHLP National Housing Law Project (NHLP)
NHPC National Home Performance Council (NHPC)
Niagara Niagara Conservation Corporation (Niagara)
NiagaraBottling Niagara Bottling, LLC
NiagaraMohawk Niagara Mohawk
Nich Carter Nicholas Carter, PhD
Niche Boutique Niche Boutique
NIPSCO Northern Indiana Public Service Co
Niska Gas Niska Gas Storage US, LLC
Nissan Nissan North America, Inc.
NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology
NLine Energy NLine Energy, Inc.
NMFS Nat. Marine Fisheries Ser
NMGC New Mexico Gas Company, Inc.
NMR Nexus Market Research, Inc.
Noble Noble Solutions Inc.
Noble Solutions Noble Americas Energy Solutions LLC
Noemi Romero Noemi Romero
Nokia Nokia Corporation
NOPE N.O.P.E., Inc.
NOPOC Neighbors Organized to Protect Our Community (NOPO)
NorCal Solar Energy Assoc Northern CA Solar Energy Association
Normart A. F. Normart, Jr.
North Baja Pipeline North Baja Pipeline
North Baja Systems North Baja Systems
North Bay Council North Bay Council
North Coast Solar North Coast Solar
Northern Power Systems Northern Power Systems, Inc.
NorthStar NorthStar Consulting Group
Northwest Pipeline Northwest Pipeline Corp
Northwestern Northwestern Energy Corp.
Nova Partners Nova Partners Incorporated
NPH Nonprofit Housing Association of Northern CA
NPPD Nebraska Public Power District
NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NRDC Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
NREC Northern Research and Engineering Corporation
NRG NRG Energy Inc.
NRG Answers NRG Answers, LLC
NRG Companies NRG Companies
NRG Home NRG Home and Business Solutions LLC
NRG Oxnard NRG Energy Center Oxnard LLC (NRG Oxnard)
NRG South NRG California South LP (NRG South)
NSS North Star Solar, LLC
NSUAA National Submetering and Utility Allocation Association
NTSB National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)
NTT America NTT America
NUSCO Northeast Utilities System Companies
NV Energy NV Energy, Inc.
NW Natural NW Natural Gas / NW Natural Energy / NW Natural Gas Storage
NWGBA North West Great Basin Association
NWIGU NW Indust. Gas Users
NWRA National Wildlife Refuge Association
NYSEG New York State Electric and Gas Corp
OAG Occidental Analytical Group
Oak Creek Energy Oak Creek Energy Systems
Oakland City City of Oakland
Oakland Energy Oakland Energy Partnership
Oakland Metro Chamb Comm Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce
Oakland PWA City of Oakland Public Works Agency
Oakland Waste Oakland Waste
Oakley Oakley, Inc
Oakley City Oakley City
OATI Open Access Technology International, Inc. (OATI)
OC-ParticipantCreditors OC Participant Creditors
OCBC Orange County Business Council
Occidental Energy Mktng Occidental Energy Marketing
Occidental Power Occidental Power Solar and Cogeneration
OCIEC Orange County Interdenominational Ecumenical Council
Octavia Diener Octavia Diener
ODC Opinion Dynamics Corporation (ODC)
ODEC-CED Old Dominion Electric Cooperative and CED Rock Springs LLC
Odessa-Ector Odessa-Ector Power Partners, L.P.
OEHHA Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA)
OEHI Occidental of Elk Hills, Inc.
Office of Energy Projects Office of Energy Projects
Office of Governor CA Office of Governor of California
OGA - Sacramento Office of Governmental Affairs - Sacramento
OGE Oklahoma Gas and Electric Co
Ohmconnect Ohmconnect, Inc
OIRRequestors OIR Requestors
Olivine Olivine, Inc.
OLS OLS Energy Chino, LLC (OLS)
Omnibus Shipper Grp Omnibus Shipper Group
Omnipoint Omnipoint Communications, Inc.
Onsite Energy Onsite Energy Corp.
Ontario City City of Ontario
OPEN Open Energy Network (OPEN)
Open Energy Open Energy Corporation
Opower Opower, Inc.
OPPD Omaha Public Power District
OR Dept Environ Qual Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
OR Dept Fish and Wildlife Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
OR Parks Rec Dept Oregon Parks and Recreation Dept
ORA Office of Ratepayer Advocates (ORA)
Orange Cty Orange County
Oregon DOE Oregon Department of Energy (Oregon PUC)
Oregon NDA Oregon Natural Desert Association
Oregon PUC Oregon Public Utilities Commission
Oregon State State of Oregon
Oregon Wild Oregon Wild
OrganSupportServ OrganSupportServ
Orinda City City of Orinda
Ormat Ormat Nevada, Inc./Ormat Technologies, Inc.
Oro-WyanID Oroville-Wyandotte ID
Oroville Cogen Oroville Cogeneration
Orville Barlese Orville Barlese
OSBFSC Orleans/Somes Bar Fire Safe Council (OSBFSC)
OSLI Office of State Lands and Investments
Otter Tail Otter Tail Power Company
OUC Orlando Utilities Commission
OutBack Power OutBack Power Technologies (OutBack Power)
OVEC-KEC Valley Electric Corporation and Indiana-Kentucky Electric Co
Overland Division of Ratepayer Advocates (DRA) / Overland Consulting
Overland Consulting Overland Consulting, Inc.
Owl Power Company Owl Power Company, Inc.
Oxnard City City of Oxnard
PA Consulting Grp PA Consulting Group
PAC Public Agency Coalition (PAC)
Pace Energy Pace Energy Project
Pacific Bell Pacific Bell Telephone Company
Pacific Connector Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline, LP
Pacific Energy Pacific Energy Policy Center
Pacific Gateway Pacific Gateway Group
Pacific Institute Pacific Institute
Pacific Lighting Pacific Lighting Corporation
Pacific Park Plaza Pacific Park Plaza Homeowners
Pacific Power Pacific Power Partnership, LLC
Pacific Summit Pacific Summit Energy, LLC
Pacific Telesis Group Pacific Telesis Group
Pacific Terminals Pacific Terminals LLC
Pacifica City City of Pacifica
PacificOffshorePipeline Pacific Offshore Pipeline
PacifiCorp PacifiCorp
Pacificorp PM Pacificorp Power Mktng.
PacWestTele Pac-West Telecomm, Inc.
Padre Dam MWD Padre Dam Municipal Water District
Paiute Pipeline Paiute Pipeline Co.
Palm Desert City City of Palm Desert
Palm Springs Patriots Palm Springs Patriots Coalition Desert Valley Tea
Palmco Power CA LLC Palmco Power CA LLC
Palmdale City City of Palmdale
Palo Alto City City of Palo Alto
Palo Alto Utilities Palo Alto Utilities
Palomar Energy Palomar Energy, LLC
PanCanadian PanCanadian Energy Corp
Paramount Citrus Paramount Citrus
Paramount Farms Paramount Farms, Inc
Paramount Petroleum Paramount Petroleum Corp.
Pardee Pardee Homes, Inc.
Park Water Park Water Company
Park Water Co Park Water Company
Parlier City City of Parlier
Pasadena City City of Pasadena
PASCICU Power Alliance of So.Cal Indpndt Colleges and Universities
Pat Mackey Pat Mackey
Pathfinder Pathfinder Renewable Wind Energy, LLC (Pathfinder)
Patterson Foods Patterson Frozen Foods
Patterson ID Patterson Irrigation District
Patterson Pass LLC Patterson Pass LLC
Paul Goldstone Paul Goldstone
PCF Power Contract Financing
PCFFA Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermens Assoc.
PCIA PCIA - The Wireless Infrastructure Association
PCOC Pest Control Operators of California
PCWA Placer Co. Water Agency
PDIC Phelps Dodge International Corporation (PDIC)
PE Pacific Environment (PE)
PE Berkeley PE Berkeley, Inc.
Peabody Peabody Western Coal Company
PEC Panoche Energy Center, LLC (PEC)
PECI Portland Energy Conservation, Inc. (PECI)
PEG Proctor Engineering Group (PEG)
Peninsula Corridor JPB Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board
Peninsula Ratepayers Peninsula Ratepayers Association
PeninsulaCFChurch Peninsula Christian Fellowship Church
PEP Partneship for Environmental Progress
Pepco-Conectiv Pepco Holdings, Inc.-Atlantic City Electric Co.
Perry Trustees Trustees of The Perry Family Trust
Peru LNG Peru LNG S.R.L.
Peter Kerr Peter H. Kerr
Peter Schmuckal Peter Schmuckal
Petitioning Parties Petitioning Parties
Petra Systems Petra System Inc. (Petra Systems)
PetSmart PetSmart, Inc.
PFT Pacific Forest Trust (PFT)
PGE Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PGE)
PGE Corp Pacific Gas and Electric Corporation (PGE Corp)
PGE NEG Pacific Gas and Electric Co. National Energy Group (PGE NEG)
Phaser Phaser Advanced Metering Services
Phat Energy Phat Energy, Inc.
Phillip Moskal Phillip Moskal
Phillips 66 Phillips 66 Company
Phoenix Energy Phoenix Biomass Energy, Inc. (Phoenix Energy)
Phys Social Resp LA Phys. for Social Resp. LA
Picarro Picarro, Inc.
Pierre A Hascheff Pierre A Hascheff, Chtd
PIF Peoples Initiative Foundation (PIF)
Pilot Power Pilot Power Group, Inc.
Pimalco Pimalco, Inc.
Pioneer Pioneer Electronics Technology Inc.
Pipeline Cases SC Pipeline Cases Settlement Class
Placer Cnty County of Placer
Plaintiffs Plaintiffs
Planning Conserv League Planning and Conservation League Foundation
Pleasant Valley Rec-Park Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District
Pleasanton City City of Pleasanton
Plug In America Plug In America
PlugPower Plug Power, Inc.
Plumas Cnty County of Plumas
Plumas-Sierra REC Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative
PNM Public Service Co of New Mexico
PNSG Pacific Northwest Shipper Group
POC Protect Our Communities Foundation
Poco Petroleum Poco Petroleum, Ltd
Polaris Polaris
Port San Diego Unified Port District (Port)
Port of Long Beach Port of Long Beach
Port of Stockton Port of Stockton
Port Westward Port Westward (Movants)
Portland GE Portland General Electric Company
Portland University Portland University
Positive Energy Positive Energy
Potter Valley ID Potter Valley Irr. Dist.
POUCA Publically Owned Utility Customer Association
Poway USD Poway Unified School District
Power Logic Power Logic
Power One Inc Power One Inc
Power Receivable Finance Power Receivable Finance
Powerex Powerex Corporation
Powergetics Powergetics, Inc.
PowerHouse PowerHouse Energy LLC
PowerLight PowerLight Corporation
Powernab Powernab
Powers Engineering Powers Engineering
PowerSpring PowerSpring, Inc.
PowerTree PowerTree Services, Inc. (PowerTree)
Powerweb Technologies Powerweb Technologies, Inc.
PPD Policy and Planning Division (PPD)
PPEC Pio Pico Energy Center (PPEC)
PPG Power Procurement Group
PPL PPL Enterprises
PPL Electric PPL Electric Utilities Corp.
PPL EnergyPlus PPL EnergyPlus, LLC
PPM Energy PPM Energy, Inc.
Praxair Plainfield Praxair Plainfield, Inc.
PRC Poseidon Resources Corp.
PRD Precision Reflector Design
PremierUC Premier Utility Consultants Inc.
Presidio Alliance Presidio Alliance
Prevalent Power Prevalent Power, Inc.
Price Indexing Cases SC Price Indexing Cases Settlement Class
Primis Primis, Inc.
Primus Power Primus Power Corporation
Pristine Sun Pristine Sun, LLC
Progress Energy Progress Energy
Proterra Proterra Inc
Proteus Proteus, Inc.
PRPA Platte River Power Authority
Prudent Energy Prudent Energy International
PSCNM Public Service Company of New Mexico (PSCNM)
PSE Puget Sound Energy, Inc
PSE Healthy Energy Physician Scientists and Engineers for Healthy Energy
PSEA Pacific Services Employees Association
PSEG Public Service Electric & Gas Co.
PSI Energy PSI Energy
PSPC Public Solar Power Coalition
Public Advocates Public Advocates, Inc.
Public Citizen Public Citizen
PUCN Public Utilities Commission of Nevada
PUD Public Utility District 1 of Dougals Cty
Puenta Hills Habitat Auth Puente Hills Landfill Native Habitat Preservation Authority
Pulse Energy Pulse Energy, Inc.
Purenergy Purenergy
PureSense PureSense Environmental, Inc.
Putnam Funds and Brands Putnam Funds and Brands
PV Now Photovoltaic Now (PV Now)
PV Powered PV Powered Inc.
PVI PVI Solutions, Inc.
PVT Solar PVT Solar
PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
PWRPA Power and Water Resources Pooling Authority (PWRPA)
Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe
Qado Energy Qado Energy, Inc. (Qado Energy)
QCS Quality Conservation Services, Inc. (QCS)
Quail Brush Quail Brush Genco, LLC
Quality for Animal Life Quality for Animal Life, Inc.
Quality Solar Quality Solar
Quantec Quantec
Quantum Quantum Consulting
QuEST Quantum Energy Services & Technologies, Inc.
Questar Questar
Questar-Southern Questar-Southern Trails Pipeline Company
R. Thomas Beach R. Thomas Beach
RAASP Ramona Alliance Against Sunrise Powerlink
RACE Ratepayers for Affordable Clean Energy (RACE)
Radback Energy Radback Energy
Rafferty Rafferty
RAGE Ratepayers for Affordable Green Electricity
Rainbow MWD Rainbow Municipal Water District
Ralphs Grocery Ralph's Grocery Co.
Ramirez Samuel A. Ramirez and Company, Inc.
Ramona MWD Ramona Municipal Water District
Rancho Cucamonga City City of Rancho Cucamonga
Rancho Petaluma Rancho Petaluma
Randall Largent Randall Largent
RAP Resource Action Programs
Rasier Rasier-CA, LLC (Rasier)
Raymond Bensen Raymond Bensen
Raymond Levinson Raymond Levinson
RCAA Redwood Community Action Agency (RCAA)
RCEA Redwood Coast Energy Authority
RCEC Russell City Energy Company, LLC
RCM Biothane RCM Biothane
RCM Digesters RCM Digesters
RCM International RCM International
RCRC Regional Council Rural Company (RCRC)
RCS Regulatory & Cogeneration Services, Inc.
RCWD Rancho California Water District (RCWD)
Real Energy RealEnergy
Rebecca Wetherby Rebecca Wetherby
REC Rappahannock Electric Cooperative
REC Solar REC Solar, Inc.
Recargo Recargo, Inc. (Recargo)
Reclamation Bureau of Reclamation
Reclamation Dist-2038 Reclamation District No. 2038
Recolte Recolte Energy
Recon Research Recon Research
Recurrent Energy Recurrent Energy, Inc.
Redding City City of Redding
Redding Electric Utility Redding Electric Utility
Redefining Progress Redefining Progress
Redondo Beach City City of Redondo Beach
Redwood Alliance Redwood Alliance
Redwood City Redwood City
Redwood Renewables Redwood Renewables
REECH Residential Energy Efficiency Clearing House
REEI Regional Energy Efficienc
Reliable Energy Mgmt Reliable Energy Management
Reliant Energy Reliant Energy Services
REMA Renewable Energy Marketers Association
Renaissance Renaissance Inc
Renewable Energy Renewable Energy Coalition
Renewable Energy Partners LLC Renewable Energy Partners, LLC
Renewable Funding Renewable Funding LLC
Renewables 100 Renewables 100 Policy Institute
Renewables Coalition Renewables Coalition
RenewGen Renewable Generators
Reno-Sparks Indian Colony Reno-Sparks Indian Colony
Republic Republic Services, Inc. (Republic)
Republic Cloverleaf Republic Cloverleaf Solar LLC
RER Regional Economic Research, Inc. (RER)
RESA Retail Energy Supply Association (RESA)
RESCUE Residential Energy Service Companies' United Effort (RESCUE)
Residential Wall Installation Residential Wall Installation
Resource Catalysts Resource Catalysts
Resource Efficiency Resource Efficiency Services
ResTeam ResTeam
RGE Rochester Gas & Electric Corp
RHA Richard Heath & Associates (RHA)
RHC RHC Communities LLC
Richard Shaw Richard Shaw
Richard V Ulrick Richard V. Ulrick
Richelle Dickinson Richelle Dickinson
Richmond City City of Richmond
Ridge and Associates Ridge and Associates
Ridgetop Ridgetop, LLC
Ridgewood Ridgewood
RightCycle RightCycle
Rio Bravo Rio Bravo Rocklin
Rio Bravo Jasmin Rio Bravo Jasmin
Rio Bravo Poso Rio Bravo Poso
RitaNorton Rita Norton and Associates
Riverbank PS Riverbank Pumped Storage LLC (Riverbank PS)
Riverside City City of Riverside
Riverside Cnty Riverside County
RLW Analytics RLW Analytics, Inc.
RMA Robert Mowris and Associates (RMA)
RNG Coalition Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas (RNG Coalition)
RNH Coalition Reaching New Heights Coalition
ROAR Rail Operations and Regulatory Committee
Rob Cambra Rob Cambra
Rob Simpson Rob Simpson
Robert David Serkiz Robert David Serkiz
Robert Hambly Robert Hambly
Robert Haran Robert Haran
Robert Jones Robert Jones
Robert North Robert North
Robert Sarvey Robert M. Sarvey
Robertson Wilson Robertson Wilson, Inc.
Robertson-Bryan Inc Robertson-Bryan, Inc.
RobertSulpizio Robert Sulpizio
RobinsonsMay-Meier and Frank Robinsons-May / Meier and Frank
RockSteady Rock Steady Juggling
Rocky Bacchus Rocky Bacchus
Rolando Menendez Rolando Menendez
Ron Hipschman Ron Hipschman
Roos-Collins Margit and Richard Roos-Collins
Roseville City City of Roseville
Roseville Land Roseville Land Dev Assoc.
Roseville Telephone Co Roseville Telephone Company
Roth Energy Company Roth Energy Company
Round Valley IT RoundValley Indian Tribes
Rove Enterprises Rove Enterprises, Inc.
RoyalBankScotland Royal Bank of Scotland PLC/RBS Sempra Commodities
RPCC Rancho Penasquitos Concerned Citizens
RPS Rate Protected Shippers (RPS)
RRA Richard Robinson and Associates, Inc.
RRI RRI Energy, Inc.
RRM Working Group RRM Working Group
RRW Consulting RRWConsulting
RSCD Rail Safety and Carriers Division
RTO Advisors RTO Advisors, LLC
Ruby Pipeline Ruby Pipeline, LLC
RUHC Respondent Utilities and Holding Companies
RunyonSaltzmanEinhorn Runyon Saltzman Einhorn
Rural Community Rural Community
Ruth Henricks Ruth Henricks
Sacramento City City of Sacramento
Sacramento Cnty County of Sacramento
Saddleback Saddleback Church
SAEJ Southeast Alliance for Environmental Justice (SAEJ)
Safeway Safeway Inc.
Sage Associates Sage Associates
Sage Telecom Sage Telecom
Sagisaw Sagisaw Partners
SAIC Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
Salinas River Cogeneration Salinas River Cogeneration Company
Salt River Project Salt River Project Agric. Improvement & Power District (SRP)
Sams West Sam's West, Inc.
SAMTF Santa Ana Mountains Task Force of the Sierra Club
San Bernardino Cnty County of San Bernardino
San Bruno City City of San Bruno
San Bruno Mtn Cltn San Bruno Mountian Coalition
San Buenaventura City City of San Buenaventura
San Carlos City City of San Carlos
San Diego City City of San Diego
San Diego Cnty County of San Diego
San Diego Cnty Ed Office San Diego Cnty Office of Ed (SDCOE) / Superintend of Schools
San Diego Cnty Water Auth San Diego County Water Authority
San Diego USD San Diego Unified School District
San Francisco Beautiful San Francisco Beautiful
San Gabriel Valley EP San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership
San Gabriel Valley Water San Gabriel Valley Water Company
San Joaquin City City of San Joaquin
San Joaquin Cnty Bus Coun Business Council of San Joaquin County
San Joaquin Cnty EVC San Joaquin Cnty Econ. Vitality Corp.
San Joaquin Refining San Joaquin Refining Company, Inc.
San Joaquin Valley APCD San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District
San Jose City City of San Jose
San Jose Water San Jose Water Company (San Jose Water / SJWC)
San Leandro City City of San Leandro
San Luis Obispo Cnty County of San Luis Obispo
San Marcos City City of San Marcos
San Marcos Unified School Dist San Marcos Unified School District
San Mateo Cnty County of San Mateo
San Pablo Bay Pipeline San Pablo Bay Pipeline
San Ramon City City of San Ramon
SanAntonioCPS San Antonio City Public Service
SANDAG San Diego Association of Governments
Sandra Youmans Sandra Youmans
Sanger City City of Sanger
SanJose Valley Chamb Comm San Jose Valley Chamber of Commerce
Santa Ana Mountains Task Force Santa Ana Mountains Task Force of the Sierera Club
Santa Barbara Cnty County of Santa Barbara
Santa Clara Audubon Santa Clara Audubon
Santa Clara City City of Santa Clara
Santa Clara Cnty County of Santa Clara
Santa Clara WD Santa Clara Water District
Santa Cruz City City of Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz Cnty County of Santa Cruz
Santa Margarita WD Santa Margarita Water District
Santa Maria City City of Santa Maria
Santa Monica City City of Santa Monica
Santa Rosa Plateau Santa Rosa Plateau
Santee City City of Santee
Santee SD Santee School District
Sargent Canyon Cogeneration Sargent Canyon Cogeneration Company
SatelliteSeniorIncome Satellite Senior Income
Save SouthWest Save SouthWest Riverside County
SB-Cal Small Business California (SB-Cal)
SBC Southwest Bell Corporation (SBC)
SBC ASI SBC Advanced Solutions, Inc.
SBCC Sacramento Black Chamber of Commerce
SBCTC State Building and Construction Trades Council of California
SBEA Small Business Energy Alliance
SBN The San Francisco Based Small Business Network
SBRP South Bay Replacement Project
SBTP Santa Barbara Tea Party (SBTP)
SBUA Small Business Utility Advocates (SBUA)
SBW SBW Consulting, Inc.
SCA Southern California Agencies
SCAQMD South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD)
SCE Southern California Edison (SCE)
SCEG South Carolina Electric & Gas Co.
SCFMH Southern California Fluid Milk Handlers (SCFMH)
SCGC Southern California Generation Coalition (SCGC)
Schiller Malone Schiller Malone
SchlumbergerSema SchlumbergerSema North America
Schneider Electric Schneider Electric
Schooner Enterprises Schooner Enterprises, Inc.
Schweitzer Schweitzer and Associates, Inc.
SCIP Southern California Indicated Producers (SCIP)
SCL Seattle City Light
SCOEDD South Central Oregon Economic Development
Scott - Meredith Yox Scott and Meredith Yox
Scott L Fielder Scott L Fielder
Scotts Valley City City of Scotts Valley
SCP Sonoma Clean Power (SCP)
SCPPA Southern California Public Power Authority (SCPPA)
SCS Southern Company Services
SCSA State and Consumer Services Agency
SCTE Southern California Telephone and Energy
SCUPP Southern California Utility Power Pool
SCVHG Santa Clara Valley Housing Group
SCWA Sonoma County Water Agency (SCWA)
SCWC Southern California Water Company
SCWSSM Southern Californians for Wired Solutions to Smart Meters (SCWSSM)
SD County APCD San Diego County Air Pollution Control
SDC Solar Development Cooperative
SDCAN San Diego Consumers Action Network (SDCAN)
SDED San Diego Energy District Foundation (SDED)
SDGE San Diego Gas and Electric (SDGE)
SDREO San Diego Regional Energy Office (SDREO)
SDSC San Diego Solar Coalition (SDSC)
SDTI San Diego Trolley, Inc.
Sea Breeze Pacific RTS Sea Breeze Pacific Regional Transmission System, Inc.
SeaKay SeaKay, Inc.
Seaside City City of Seaside
Seawest Windpower Seawest Windpower, Inc.
SEC Securities and Exchange Commission
SED Safety and Enforcement Division (SED)
Sedway Consulting Sedway Consulting, Inc.
SEIA Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA)
SELC Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC)
Selma City City of Selma
SemGroup SemGroup, LP
Seminole Electric Seminole Electric Coop, Inc.
Semitropic Semitropic Water Storage District (Semitropic)
Sempra Sempra Energy
Sempra Generation Sempra Generation
Sempra Global Sempra Global
Sempra US Sempra U.S. Gas and Power, LLC
Senator Cogdill Senator Dave Cogdill, District 14
Senator Corbett Senator Ellen M. Corbett, District 10
Senator Hill Senator Jerry Hill, District 13
Senator Leno Senator Mark Leno, District 11
Senator Murray Senator Kevin Murray, Disrict 26
Senator Yee Senator Leland Yee, District 8
Sequoia Generating Sequoia Generating Co
SERA Skumatz Economic Research Associates, Inc. (SERA)
ServWkProj-AffordableUtilities Service Worker Project for Affordable Utilities
SES Sound Energy Solutions, Inc. (SES)
SES Terminal SES Terminal, LLC
SESCO Systems Engineering and Sales Company (SESCO)
SF BSBA SF Based Small Business Advocates
SF Power San Francisco Community Power Cooperative (SF Power)
SFC SunFund Corporation
SFFD San Francisco Fire Department
SFMC Shel Feldman Management Consulting
SFPUC San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
Shantel Garcia Shantel Garcia
Shasta Lake City City of Shasta Lake
Shaun Gonzales Shaun Gonzales
SHCC Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Sheet Metal Workers Union Sheet Metal Workers Union
Sheila Holloway Sheila Holloway
Shell Shell Energy Services Company
ShellPipeline Shell Pipeline Company
ShellTrading Shell Trading Gas & Power
Sherry Boschert Sherry Boschert
Sherry Rose Sherry Rose
SHHIP Self Help Home Improvement Project Inc.
Shorebreak Shorebreak Energy Developers, LLC
Shoshone Paiute Shoshone-Paiute Tribes
Sidecar Sidecar Technologies, Inc./, LLC
Sierra Sierra Pacific Power Company
Sierra Business Council Sierra Business Council
Sierra Energy Sierra Energy Center
Sierra Institute Sierra Institute for Community and Environment
Sierra Pacific Indus Sierra Pacific Industries
Sierra Power Sierra Power Corporation
SierraClub Sierra Club
SierraPine SierraPine, Ltd.
Sigler Sigler Wholesale Distributors
Sigma Designs Sigma Designs, Inc.
Silgan Silgan Plastics, Inc.
SiliconEnergy Silicon Energy
Silver Spring Networks Silver Spring Networks
Silverado Power Silverado Power LLC
Silverman-Light Silverman and Light, Inc.
Silverwood Energy Silverwood Energy, Inc.
Simon Property Group Simon Property Group, Inc.
Simple Energy Simple Energy, Inc. (Simple Energy)
Simpson Timber Co Simpson Timber Co.
Sisson and Assoc Sisson and Associates, Inc.
Six Cities Six Cities in CA
SJVPA San Joaquin Valley Power Authority (SJVPA)
Skychaser Energy Skychaser Energy, Inc.
Skyline Innovations Skyline Innovations, Inc.
Skyline Solar Skyline Solar, Inc.
Skywest Skywest Townhouse Homeowners Association
SLO-CEEC San Luis Obispo Clean Energy Economy Coalition (SLO-CEEC)
SLOMFP San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace (SLOMFP)
SLRH San Luis Rey Homes, Inc. (SLRH)
SMA SMA America, Inc / SMA Solar Technology America, LLC
SMACNA CA Sheet Metal/Air Cond Nat Contr Assoc (SMACNA)
Small Cogen Consortium Small Cogeneration Consortium
SmallLECs Small LECs
SMAQMD Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District
SMECO Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative, Inc.
SMI Sonoma Mountain Institute
SMJU Small and Multi-Jurisdictional Utilities
SMMPA Southern Minnesota Power Agency
SMUD Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)
SMWIA Sheet Metal Wkrs Intrntl Assoc-CA Local Unions
SNC Sierra Nevada Conservancy
SNGS Sacramento Natural Gas Storage, LLC (SNGS)
Snohomish County PUD Snohomish County Public Utilities District
So Cal Forum So California Forum for Ener Effic, Environ and Human Svc Pr
So Indiana Gas Elec Southern Indiana Gas and Electric
So San Fran Chamb Comm South San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
So San Fran City City of South San Francisco
SoCal Local Gov SoCal Local Government Entities
SoCalAgencies SoCalAgencies
SoCalDist Southern California District Council of Laborers
SoCalGas Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas)
SoCalREN Southern California Regional Energy Network (SoCalREN)
SoCalWC Southern California Water Committee (SoCalWC)
Socratic Tech Socratic Technologies
Sokolova-Kacharovsky Vera Sokolova and Alexei Kacharovsky
Solano EDC Solano Econ. Dev. Corp.
Solano ID Solano Irrigation District
Solar Alliance Solar Alliance
Solar Electric Solutions LLC Solar Electric Solutions LLC
Solar Forward Solar Forward
Solar Highways Republic Solar Highways LLC (Solar Highways)
Solar Partners Solar Partners XVI through XXI, LLC
Solar Power Solar Power Development Partners LLC
Solar Reserve SolarReserve, LLC
Solar Sebastopol Solar Sebastopol
Solar Turbines Solar Turbines Inc
SolarCity SolarCity Corporation (SolarCity)
Solargenix Solargenix
SolarTech SolarTech Consortium
SoldData Energy SoldData Energy Consultant
Solel Solel, Inc.
Solel Solar Systems Solel Solar Systems
SolFocus SolFocus, Inc.
SOLID SOLID Energy, Inc.
Solutions For Utilities Solutions For Utilities
Solyndra Solyndra LLC
Sonnenblick Sonnenblick Del Rio
Sonoma Cnty Couny of Sonoma
Sonoma County Regional Climate Sonoma County Regional Climate Protection Authority
Sonoma State Univ Sonoma State University
Sony Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc.
Sopogy Sopogy, Inc
South Bay Cities South Bay Cities Council of Governments
SouthCarolina South Carolina Public Service Authority
Southern States Southern States Realty
SouthernEnergy SouthernEnergy
Southwest Gas Southwest Gas Corporation
SouthwestTransmission Southwest Transmission Cooperative
Spark Energy Spark Energy
SPC Service Providers Coalition
Spectra Spectra Energy Tranmission, LLC
Spectron Energy Spectron Energy Inc.
Spectrum Energy Spectrum Energy Development Inc.
SPI Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI)
sPower Sustainable Power Group LLC
Springfield City City of Springfield
Springs Utilities Colorado Springs Utilities
Sprint Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
Sprint/Nextel Sprint Comm Co/Spec LP/Telephony PCS LP and Nextel of CA Inc.
SPS Southwestern Public Service Company
SPURR School Project for Utility Rate Reduction (SPURR)
SRCC Solar Rating & Certification Corporation
SRCSD Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District
SRI, Inc.
Sriram Chandrasekaran Sriram Chandrasekaran
SSC Solar Sonoma County (SSC)
SSCoPlanning Santa Cruz County Planning Department (SCCoPlanning)
SSJID South San Joaquin Irrigation District (SSJID)
SSM-Irvine Stop Smart Meters, Irvine (SSM-Irvine)
SSRC Save Southwest Riverside County
Stage 1 GHG Calculator Stage 1 GHG Calculator
Standard Proj Team Standardization Project Team
Stanford Energy Stanford Energy Systems
Stanford University Stanford University
Stanpac Standard Pacific Gas Line Incorporated (Stanpac)
Staples Hutchinson Staples/Hutchinson and Associates, Inc.
Staples Marketing Staples Marketing Communications
Starwood Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Inc.
Starwood Energy Group Starwood Energy Group Global, LLC
State Coalition State Security and Privacy Coalition, Inc.
State Consumers State Consumers
State Water Contr State Water Contractors
STEA Solar Thermal Electric Alliance
Stem Inc Stem, Inc.
Stephen Casner Stephen Casner
Steve Lemke Steve Lemke
Steve Schmidt Steve Schmidt
Stewardship Council Pacific Forest and Watershed Lands Stewardship Council
STI Sustainable through Innovation, LLC (STI)
Stirling Stirling Energy Systems, Inc.
Stirling Energy Systems Stirling Energy Systems
Stocker Stocker
Stockton City City of Stockton
Stone Webster Stone Webster Management Consultants, Inc.
Stop Smart Meters Stop Smart Meters
Stop Smart Meters Ojai-Ventura Stop Smart Meters Ojai/Ventura County
Strategic Energy Strategic Energy, LLC
Stratton C Jaquette Stratton C. Jaquette
Stuart Phillips Stuart Phillips
Suburban Water Suburban Water Systems
Sullivan Solar Sullivan Solar Power
Sullivan-Worcester Sullivan-Worcester
Summit Lake Paiute Summit Lake Paiute Tribe
Sun-Maid Sun-Maid Growers of California
SunCentric SunCentric, Inc.
Sundowner Insulation Sundowner Insulation Inc.
SunEarth SunEarth Inc.
SunEdison SunEdison, LLC
Sunesys Sunesys, LLC
Sunflower Electric Sunflower Electric Power Corporation
Sunible Sunible, Inc.
SunLightPower Sun Light & Power
Sunnyvale City Sunnyvale City
SunPower SunPower Corporation
Sunrise Sunrise Power
Sunrun Sunrun Inc.
SunSpec SunSpec Alliance
Suntech Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd. (Suntech)
Sunverge Sunverge Energy, Inc
Surety Surety Company of America
Surety and Fidelity The Surety & Fidelity Association of America
SureWest SureWest
Surfriders Foundation Surfriders Foundation
Surprise Valley Surprise Valley Electrification Corporation
Susanville Indian Rancheria Susanville Indian Rancheria
Sustainable Novato Sustainable Novato
Sustainable Spaces Sustainable Spaces Inc.
SustainableNapaCounty Sustainable Napa County
SustConserv Sustainable Conservation
Sutter Health Sutter Health
Sutter Home Winery Sutter Home Winery
SVLG Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG)
SVMG Silicon Valley Manufacturing (SVMG)
SVP Silicon Valley Power (SVP)
SVTC SVTC Technologies, LLC / SVTC Solar, Inc (SVTC)
SWC State Water Contractors
Switch Switch Lighting Company
SWP State Water Project (SWP)
SWPA Southwestern Power Administration
SWRCB State Water Resources Control Board
Sycamore Cogen Sycamore Cogeneration
Synergy Synergy
SYRCL S. Yuba River CL
Syzergy Syzergy
T-Mobile T-Mobile
Tacoma Power Tacoma Power
Taft City City of Taft
Tallahassee City City of Tallahassee
Tamarkin Tom D. Tamarkin
TampaElectric Tampa Electric Co
TANC Transmission Agency of Northern California (TANC)
Target Target, Corp
Target Directions Target Directions
TAS Turbine Air Systems
TAS Energy TAS Energy
TASC Alliance for Solar Choice (TASC)
TBC Trans Bay Cable LLC
TCG-LA TCG Los Angeles
TCG-SF TCG San Francisco
TDP - Walnut Creek - 108 LLC TDP - Walnut Creek - 108, LLC
Tec Market TecMarket Works – LLC
Tech Video Technicolor Videocassette, Inc.
TechNet Technology Network (TechNet)
Technical Panel 1 Technical Panel 1
Tecogen Tecogen, Inc.
TEDCO TEDCO Energy Services
TejonRanchcorp Tejon Ranchcorp
TELACU The East Los Angeles Community Union (TELACU)
Temecula City City of Temecula
TeMix TeMix, Inc. (TeMix)
Tenaska Tenaska, Inc.
Tenaska Solar Ventures Tenaska Solar Ventures
Tendril Networks Tendril Networks Inc.
TEP Tucson Electric Power Company (TEP)
Termoelectrica Termoelectrica De Mexicali
Terra-Gen Power Terra-Gen Power, LLC
Terry Broyles Terry Broyles
Terry Sodorff Terry Sodorff
Tesla Tesla Motors, Inc. (Tesla)
Tesoro Tesoro Refining and Marketing Company, LLC
Texaco NG Texaco Natural Gas
Texas Retail Energy Texas Retail Energy, LLC
TGS Texas Gas Service Company (TGS)
THahn Prop TrizecHahn Office Properties
The Climate Trust The Climate Trust
The Network The Network
Third Party Initiative Third Party Initiative Team
Thomas Thomas Group, Inc.
Thomas Assoc Thomas & Associates
Thomas Energy Thomas Energy Management Inc.
Thomas Rainey Thomas Rainey
THUMS THUMS Long Beach Company
TIA Telecommunications Industry Association
TID Turlock Irrigation District (TID)
Tiger Nat Gas Tiger Natural Gas
Tillie Flynn Tillie Flynn
Timbisha Shoshone Tribe Timbisha Shoshone Tribe
Time Warner Time Warner Telecom of California, L.P.
Tina Juarez Tina Juarez
Tina Nappe Tina Nappe
TKandCo Tracy K. Saville
TM CapitalMgmt TM Capital Management
TMC TMC Communications
TMPA Texas Municipal Power Agency
TNC Nature Conservancy (TNC)
TNHC The Nevada Hydro Company
TNMP Texas New Mexico Power Company
Tollhouse Tollhouse Energy Company (Tollhouse)
Tom Driscoll Tom Driscoll
Toni Prada Toni Prada
Topaz Topaz Solar Farms, LLC (Topaz)
Torrance City City of Torrance
Torresol Torresol Energy
Tosco Corp Tosco Corporation
ToThePoint To The Point
Town of Ross Town of Ross
Toyota Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing
TPUD Trinity Public Utility District
Tractebel Power Tractebel Power
Tracy City City of Tracy
Trane Trane
Trans-Elect Trans-Elect, Inc.
Trans-Union Trans-Union Interstate Pipeline, L.P.
TransAlta TransAlta Corporation
TransCanada TransCanada Pipelines
Translata Energy Transalta Energy Marketing (California) Inc.
Transphase Transphase Company
TransWest TransWest Express LLC
Transwestern Transwestern Pipeline Company
TRAQC Tracy Region Alliance for a Quality Community
Travelers Casualty Travelers Casualty & Surety Co. Of America
TRC Solutions TRC Solutions
Tres Amigas Tres Amigas, LLC
Tri-Dam Tri-Dam Project
Tri-State Generation Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, Inc
Tricon GR Tricon Global Rest.
Trilliant Trilliant Networks, Inc.
Trinity PUD Trinity Pub. Utility Dist
Tropicana Tropicana Products, Inc.
TruePricing TruePricing, Inc.
Tuolumne Cnty EDC Tuolumne Cnty. Econ. Dev.
Tuolumne Public Power Tuolumne Public Power Agency
Tuolumne UD Tuolumne Utility District
TURN The Utility Reform Network (TURN)
Tuscarora GT Tuscarora Gas Trans.
Tustin Tustin Chamber of Commerce
TVA Tennessee Valley Authority
TVRP TerraVerde Renewable Partners, LLC (TVRP)
tw telecom tw telecom of california lp (tw telecom)
TWC Time Warner Cable (TWC)
TWTC Time Warner Telecom of CA
TXU Electric Delivery TXU Electric Delivery Company
TXU Energy Services TXU Energy Services
Tyler Carlson Tyler Carlson
Uber Uber Technologies, Inc. (Uber)
UC University of California
UC Berkeley University of California, Berkeley
UC Regents The Regents of the University of California
UC Riverside UC Riverside
UC Santa Barbara University of California, Santa Barbara
UC-CIEE Univ of Cal / Cal. Institute for Energy Efficiency
UC-CIEEnviron Univ of Cal / Cal. Institute for Energy and Environment
UC-CSU Univ. of California and California State University (UC/CSU)
UC-SanDiego University of California, San Diego
UCAN Utility Consumers Action Network (UCAN)
UCD University of California Davis (UCD)
UCS Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS)
UDI Utility Design, Inc. (UDI)
UEC Umatilla Electric Cooperative
UES Utilcorp Energy Solutions, Inc.
UET United Energy Trading, LLC dba Blue Spruce Energy Services (UET)
UGI UGI Utilities, Inc.
UI United Illuminating Co
Ukiah City City of Ukiah
UL Underwriters Laboratories (UL LLC)
Ultra Resources Ultra Resources, Inc.
UltraMar UltraMar
ULTSAC Universal Lifeline Telephone Administrative Committee
UMRWA Upper Mokelumne RWA
UndersignedAttorneys Undersigned Attorneys and Consultants
Uni-Solar United Solar Ovonic (Uni-Solar)
UniEnergy UniEnergy Technologies, LLC (UET)
Union Local 483 Union Local 483
Union Pacific Union Pacific Railroad Company (Union Pacific)
Union Power Union Power Partners, L.P.
United United Gas and Power, Inc.
United Way Bay Area United Way of the Bay Area
UnitedIlluminating United Illuminating Company
Unity Unity
Universal Universal Studios, Inc.
University of Delaware University of Delaware
Univision Univision Television Group
Unocal Keystone Unocal Keystone Gas Storage, LLC
UNS Gas UNS Gas, Inc.
UpStar Energy UpStar Energy, LLC
US Congress United States Congress
US Dept of Army US Department of Army
US Dept of Energy US Department of Energy
US Dept of Justice US Department of Justice
US Dept of Navy US Department of Navy
US FWS United States Fish and Wildlife Service
US House of Representatives US House of Representatives
US NPS United States National Park Service
US Power U.S. Power
US Senate US Senate
US Supreme Court United States Supreme Court
US Trustee United States Trustee
US-R US&R Power Grid Partners
USA Waste USA Waste of California, Inc.
USBank USBank
USC University of Southern California
USCHPA TRC Solutions And The United States Combined Heat And Power
USCL USCL Corporation
USDA US Dept. of Agriculture
USDI US Dept. of the Interior
USFCC US Fuel Cell Council
USGC US Gypsum Co.
USRB Utilities Safety and Reliability Branch (USRB)
USS-Posco USS-Posco Industries
Utah State State of Utah
Ute Ute
Utilisource Utilisource
Utility Design Utility Design
Utility Savings-Refund Utility Savings & Refund, LLC
Utility-Com Utility-Com
Utility.Com Utility.Com, Inc.
UWUA Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA)
Vacaville Chamb Comm Vacaville Chamber of Commerce
Valencia Water Valencia Water Company
Valent Power Valent Power, Inc.
Valero Valero Services, Inc. (Valero)
Vallecitos WD Vallecitos Water District
Vallejo City City of Vallejo
Valley Center MWD Valley Center Municipal Water District
VanHorn Van Horn Consulting
Varentec Varentec
VariousCities VariousCities
VCW VCW Management LLC
VEA Valley Electric Association, Inc.
VEAC Visalia Emergency Aid Council
VEEC Valley Energy Efficiency Corp
VELCO Vermont Electric Power Co Inc
Ventura Cnty Ventura County
VEPC Virginia Electric and Power Company
Verizon Verizon
Vernon City City of Vernon
ViacomTechnologies Viacom Technologies
Vial Center Donald Vial Center on Employment in the Green Economy (Vial Center)
Victorville City City of Victorville
Vijay Lakshman Vijay Lakshman
Viktor Baggeryd Karl Viktor Baggeryd
Virchow Krause Virchow Krause
Viridity Energy Viridity Energy, Inc.
Vista Energy Vista Energy Marketing L.P.
Vlad Hikin Vlad Hikin
Vossoughi Reza Vossoughi
Vote Solar Vote Solar Initiative / Vote Solar
VPI Consulting VPI Consulting
VRB VRB Power Systems Inc.
Vulcan Power Vulcan Power Company
Wal-Mart Wal-Mart Stores
Walter Zelhofer Walter Zelhofer
WAPA Western Area Power Administration (WAPA)
Warren Tighe Warren Tighe
Wasatch Wind Wasatch Wind
Washington State-CTED State of Washington - Dept of Comm, Trade and Econ Dev
Washoe County Washoe County
Waste Heat Solutions Waste Heat Solutions, LLC
Waste Management Waste Management
Water and Audit Water and Audit
WaterConservAuth Watershed Conservation Authority
Watergate Comm Assoc Watergate Community Association
Watson Cogen Watson Cogeneration Company
Waverly Light Waverly Light
WBA World Business Academy
WBS Warburg WBS Warburg
WCA Wireless Communications Alliance
WCP West Coast Power LLC (WCP)
WD Water Division
WEC Water and Energy Consulting
WEG Western Export Group (WEG)
WEI Water Energy Innovations, Inc. (WEI)
Wellhead Wellhead Power
Wellhead Electric Wellhead Electric Company, Inc.
Wells Fargo Wells Fargo Securities
WEM Women's Energy Matters (WEM)
Wendi Lutz Wendi Lutz
West Basin MWD West Basin Municipal Water District
West Coast Gas Co West Coast Gas Company
West Contra Costa Cnty IC The Council of Industries of West Contra Costa County
West Hill Energy West Hill Energy & Computing, Inc.
West Sacramento City City of West Sacramento
Westar Westar Energy,Inc
Western Applicance Western Applicance
Western Insulation Western Insulation L.P.
Western Renewables Western Renewables Group
Western Shoshone Western Shoshone National Council
Western Watersheds Western Watersheds Project
WesternGrowers Western Growers
WesternHub WesternHub
WesternRiversideCounGovt Western Riverside Council of Governments
Westinghouse Solar Westinghouse Solar
Westside Projects Westside Projects
Westside Pwr Auth Westside Power Authority
WFC Wells Fargo Commodities, LLC
WFEC Western Farmers Electric Cooperative
WGC Wild Goose Club (WGC)
WGR CA Western Gas Resources - California, Inc. (WGR CA)
Wheelabrator Wheelabrator Technologies Inc.
Whirlpool Whirlpool Corporation
White Hat Energy White Hat Energy, LLC
White Pine Ranch White Pine Ranch
WHP Wellhead Platform Acquisition Company (WHP)
Wilbur Richard G. Wilbur
Wild Goose Wild Goose Storage, LLC
WilderHill WilderHill Energy
Wildflower Wildflower Energy, LP (Wildflower)
Willdan Willdan Energy Solutions (Willdan)
William A Monsen William A. Monsen
William Adams William P Adams
William and Julie Ann Sarale William R. and Julie Ann Sarale
William H Booth William H. Booth
William Mitchell College William Mitchell College of Law
Williams Williams Energy Marketing and Trading Company
Williams Capital Williams Capital Group, L.P.
Williams Gas Pipeline Williams Gas Pipeline Company, LLC
Wilner and Assoc Wilner and Associates
Wilson Foo Wilson Foo
Wine Wine Institute
Winegard Energy Winegard Energy
Winona Azure Winona Azure
Wintec Energy Wintec Energy, Ltd.
Wireless Carriers Wireless Carriers
WirelessCarriers Joint Wireless Carriers
WITG Western Independent Transmission Group
WMA Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association (WMA)
WMPA Western Mobilehome Parkowners Association
WMU Willmar Municipal Utilities
WMW Western Municipal Water District (WMW)
WNGPA Wyoming Natural Gas Pipeline Authority
Wolfsen Wolfsen, Inc.
Woodland City City of Woodland
WoodlandBiomass Woodland Biomass Power, Ltd.
Woodside NG Woodside Natural Gas, Inc.
WorldCom WorldCom, Inc.
WPTF Western Power Trading Forum (WPTF)
WRA Western Resource Advocates
WREGIS Western Renewable Energy Generation System
WRTC Watershed Research and Training Center (WRTC)
WSPA Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA)
WUD Western United Dairymen
WWD Westside Water District
WWPP Western Water and Power Production Limited, LLC (WWPP)
WY Dept Game and Fish Wyoming Game and Fish Department
WY Outdoor Council Wyoming Outdoor Council
WY Pipeline Auth Wyoming Pipeline Authority
Wyoming State State of Wyoming
Xanthus Xanthus Consulting International
XES Xcel Energy Services, Inc.
Xiaotian Sun Xiaotian Sun
XO XO Communications Services, Inc.
Xtreme Power Xtreme Power, Inc.
Xzavier Barr Xzavier Barr
Yap Yap
YCWA Yuba Co. Water Agency
YDWN Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation (YDWN)
Yolo Cnty County of Yolo
Yorba Linda City City of Yorba Linda
Young Communications Young Communications Group, Inc.
Yuba City Yuba City
Yucaipa City City of Yucaipa
Yuima MWD Yuima Municipal Water District
Yuma Cogeneration Yuma Cogeneration Associates
Yvonne Kalench Yvonne Kalench
Zack Rhoads Zack Rhoads
Zannon Zannon Foundation (Zannon)
ZBB ZBB Energy Corporation (ZBB)
ZEMER Zemer Energia
Zephyr Power Zephyr Power Transmission, LLC
Zeropex Zeropex A S North America
Zhaohui Wang Zhaohui Wang, MD., Ph.D.
ZigBee ZigBee Alliance